November 1st

It seems as though October flew by in a flash.  I mean I don’t know what happened this month, but it was crazy.  Very crazy!

Now as I’m looking forward to November I’m so excited.  November holds some special things.  This month Deacon will turn 3.  Aaron will turn the big 3-0.  Story will turn 1.  Three big birthday’s this month.

Also in about 6 weeks Aaron and I will head to Haiti to see our sweet babies again!  I love them and can’t wai to see them!  Look at what arrived in my email inbox this week:

When i see these kids next, Story will be ONE and Amos will be three and a half.  WOW!  praying for good news about their files in November!


11 responses to “November 1st

  1. Oh, STORY!! CHECK YOU OUT!!!!

  2. Look at her chunky thighs! I love that roll! So adorable!

  3. This isn’t really a comment about this post, but what I read on Aaron’s blog a few posts ago about Cayden’s night terrors. I certainly don’t have any expert advice in this area, but my brother had these really bad as a kid. When he was older we finally linked it to him being overly tired or just a lack of sleep. However, the only “solution” that worked for him was to get him back to sleep. He could not be awakened effectively, so my parents had to get him back to sleep. Sometimes this was in a different bed or place than he started, but once he went back to sleep he was fine. Like Cayden, he never remembered what happened, even though he would walk and talk!! I experienced these with him several times, so I know how scarey they can be. I hope you can figure out what works best with Cayden and that he outgrows them soon!!

    Hope ya’ll are well!!

  4. She is standing up?? walking?? What a beautiful big girl!!

  5. those thighs are delicious!

  6. She looks so big in this pic. What a cutie pie.

  7. She’s perfect! I am praying for her to hurry and be home! I can’t wait for her and Amos to be with their brothers!

  8. yes, i too agree with the thighs…they are amazing!
    can’t wait for her to get here to be halle’s bff…

  9. Story is so cute . . . love the hair!!

  10. I almost passed out when I saw how big “baby” Story is!…wow!!!

  11. She is so precious! I love her hair and her beautiful eyes……like shiny marbles!

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