Haiti shirts

When Aaron and I went to Haiti in May we sold shirts to help with some of the costs of us going. It was a great way to help us out with airfare and people got a cool shirt out of the deal. Many people loved these shirts and have requested we sell them again. We have tossed around the idea of selling them and sending the profits to RHFH. We’ll see what happens with that!

Anyhow …. I was going through my garage today and noticed that I have a few that we didn’t sell. Anyone want one? Here’s what I have:

1 – YM
1 – YL
1 – small
3 – XL

If you want one, email me (jamie @ aaronivey <dot> com) and I’ll tell you how to paypal me. As soon as I get your money I’ll ship it out! They are $20 and that includes shipping!


4 responses to “Haiti shirts

  1. hey friend-
    looks like things are great in austin!
    i love my shirt and get questions about it when i wear it. anyways, we have changed our adoption from vietnam (since it closed) to ethiopia. i recently filed for a change of country with the powers that be and want to start selling shirts when we get our approval back. sooo, what i am getting at is- do you think aaron would help us design a shirt? he’s done such a great job on the others! oh and i still have the contact info for the shirt guy. just let me know:)

  2. i want one. i am guessing the XL will do? he can bring it in 2 weeks!!!

  3. i love my haiti t-shirts, but i already have one, i think y’all should make a new t-shirt. just me, i’ll buy three of those.

  4. I think I need a M or L! I love these shirts. Definitely let me know if you all resurrect them!

    It was great to meet Aaron at the Stone the other week – sorry we didn’t get to meet you. Exciting to see and hear what God is doing in Austin!

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