middle of week randomness

I have been pretty silent in the blog world recently.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but just that my thoughts are jumbled and won’t come together clear enough to put out there for all you to hear/read.  I can not wait until this election is over.  I feel so weird about it.  I don’t want to vote.  I don’t like either one.  But, when I tell people that I don’t want to vote and am not sure about who I would vote for, most of them look at me like I’m crazy.  Why would you not vote?  It is your civic duty.  It is an honor.  Well, that doesn’t help me if I still don’t like either one of them.  Then they tell me to pick the one you like more than the other.  UM .. still don’t know.  Okay pick the lesser of the two evils.  WHat?  Why would I do that?  I keep telling Aaron I’m going to write in Jesus for President.  I would sleep better at night if that’s who I voted for.  Today I read a great article by John Piper.

Being a parent is hard.  I have much more to say on this, but I must tell you it is hard.  It is heartbreaking.  My heart and soul aches for my kids when they are scared or in pain and I can’t help them.  We’re dealing with some night terrors around here and it is hard to watch your child be so scared.  I am praying much more for my kids these days.  Much more.  They need it desperately and I’m here for them in that area.

We’re heading back to Haiti in December.  As of right now we only have tickets to Miami.  Hopefully we can get the rest of the tickets soon, or else we’ll have a December get-a-way in Miami only 700 miles from our kids.  My kids here are constantly talking about Amos and Story.  I mean daily.  Most of our conversations go to either Haiti or Amos and Story.  I love this so much.  I love the love that Cayden and Deacon are developing for their brother and sister that they have never seen.  I’m begging God to get us out of IBESR.  I need a little boost here.  Monday marked 26 weeks for us.

We experienced stitches for first time.  No tragic event, just a four year old running into a wall while trying to show their brother that they spotted drums in a new book!

A trip to the emergency room with a $100 co-pay (oh my goodness) and four stitches and we were good to go.  A great end to a Sunday afternoon!

Well this is such a random post and I promise to try and bring you something life altering next week!  HA!


7 responses to “middle of week randomness

  1. I soo want to write Jesus for president in as well! I will if you will!! 😀

  2. you read my mind on the election!!! and i will take some time out today to pray for all those files stuck in places to get a move on………


  3. You SO hit the nail on the head when it comes to how I feel about the election. I am tired of hearing about it, ready for it to be over….yet am still stuck as to who I will vote for. I don’t care for our choices either, I just pray I make the right decision in my vote….

    I will send up a prayer for your paperwork as well. I cannot even imagine the anxiousness you must feel about this.

  4. I hope it is all over soon. I am looking forward to positive change that both parties speak of. I hope that you are inspired to post more.

  5. Random, but fun! Random, like your blog-post-less brain… 🙂

    Do they put glue over stitches these days? ick.

  6. A boost…

    Praying for it!

  7. I don’t understand how people justify voting for the lesser of two evils. Where in the Bible does it ever suggest choosing the lesser of two evils? Evil is evil in my book.

    My last trip to the emergency room was over $2,000. I made it on the day our new insurance kicked in and we hadn’t (of course being the 1st day and all) met the deductible.

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