weekend recap

weekend recap:

  • we had an artist night over here on Friday night.  much fun!  Aaron wrote about it here.

  • cayden had another basketball game.  our team has 12 kids on it …. yes only 5 can play at one time …. all the teams we played have max of 8 kids.  i say not fair.  our team could have been two teams.  oh well.  he did better.  it looked like he might have had a very small clue as to what was going on.  very small clue.
  • grandma and grandpa drove up sat afternoon.  we had a great visit with them.  we were going to take the kids to a pumpkin patch but it was too late and we were tired from a late Friday night.  so …. we got on the bus and headed to none other than our local HEB!  Oh yes …. the kids got to each pick out a pumpkin there and they loved it!!!
  • we …. and by we I mean Aaron and gramps …. carved pumpkins that night.  the kids loved it and they now love lighting up their pumpkins

  • Sunday was the final Sunday for the vision series.  I can not say it enough how much I love my church.  this place is amazing and i’m so thankful that God brought us here.  i have never been more challenged in my faith than i am here.  if you would like to listen in on what we hear each week go HERE to get the podcast each week.
  • Sunday after church i headed up to dallas to meet up with some friends and head to the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK show.  oh yes i went!!!  Ginger talked about it here.  And she even included video!!!
  • While i was gone we had a dog problem.  Carson went missing.  Aaron wrote all about it HERE

Great weekend!


2 responses to “weekend recap

  1. loving the patio…

    that is what I miss most from my abilene home. no worries, i will have one again.

  2. i love cayden and deacon’s faces in that last picture!

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