Christmas shopping.


Christmas is 2 months away. Oh my goodness. I would usually like to have all of my Christmas gifts bought by now, but the move has put me in a kink this year. Not one has been bought. UGH

This year we said we would only buy gifts that help others. So, no movies, not gift cards, no last minute Target trips looking for the “perfect” $15 gift. I hate that. No more.

This video is fabulous and puts so many things into perspective for gift giving:

Liz has some great ideas on making hand made gifts this year. I love that idea and wish I could …. I’m just not crafty. As much as I try to be, I’m not.

So … here are some gift giving ideas that I thought I would share with you that will not only provide a fabulous gift for you to give those you love, but they will also help the world, or an organization, or a family adopting. Enjoy checking these out!

Give a gift of sponsorship. Sponsor a child for a year through REAL HOPE FOR HAITI. For $200 you could send a child in Haiti to school. So instead of giving your college student $200 worth of clothes they’ll only wear for a year, sponsor a child in Haiti for a year.

Need a beautiful baby blanket. Support the Setliffe’s adoption of a little girl from Ethiopia by purchasing a great hand made blanket. Every baby needs one of these! Visit AUNTIE EM’S CREATIONS to get your own blanket

JAMBOKIDS – dolls that celebrate different heritages.

VINTAGE MOMMA DESIGNS – fabulous jewelry. This lady makes this jewelry and some of her profits go to help REAL HOPE FOR HAITI. Very cool stuff! Check out her Etsy store as well!

This family is adopting two sweet boys from Haiti and she has written a poetry book about adoption andthey are selling t shirts as well.

This lady is doing holiday mini-sessions of photography on Nov 1. If you live in the Houston area, check her out. She is great and this will help her family with their adoption from Haiti!

The Livesay family lives in Haiti and does great work there. We love this family. Troy has created a great photo book with pictures from Haiti. Check out this book. This would make a great gift for a family adopting from Haiti. Know someone that loves coffee table books, this is for you!

Tamara has started making some shirts that are very cute! All four of my kids have one! I love them! She can do custom orders, or you can see what she has done that you might enjoy! Go HERE to see her shirts. Tamara gives some of her profits to REAL HOPE FOR HAITI as well. I love that!

I know there are millions of other things that are being sold to help people. If you know of them, please leave them in the comments for us all to see and know about!


13 responses to “Christmas shopping.

  1. What a brilliant idea! I love it! I am going to implement it into our want/need/surprise idea as well.

  2. That is a great idea! I am trying to do the same thing. I made a new blog with a TON of ideas… Some are things you can do, but most are gift ideas.

  3. The absolute best bag I have ever purchased is at
    Sorry, I don’t know the crafty way to make that a link, but we bought two of these bags for ourselves this spring and they literally go everywhere with me. They reverse, they are the BEST grocery store, farmer market, baby bag, purse, carry on, way to make a statement and tell someone that there are children in the world that need our help. As you can tell, I love them. I want another one just talking about it!:)

  4. oh look, it made itself a link all on it’s own. woo hoo.

  5. I love this post! Such good ideas.

    Last year we bought a grove of trees for friends from the World Vision gift catalog. Also, this is pretty cool:

    And the bracelets here:

  6. Saint’s Coffee is AWESOME and it’s fair trade, organic AND every lb you buy feeds an orphan for a month! (I can’t remember the web addy but their logo is on my blog)

    Africa Bags (logo also on my blog)

    Flicker of Hope Candles ( YUMMY candles (or .org?) AWESOME necklaces and shirts support a village in Uganda

    There are SO many more! is trying to get their RLC MALL set up for just this purpose. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running!


  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering the contest. I will be running giveaways for weeks leading to the holidays. So please stop on by and enter every week.

  8. Check out this website:

    If you go under Gifts that Give More on the sidebar, there are a lot of interesting things you can purchase in someone else’s name – things as different as a child’s education for a year or a microloan for a pig or goat.

    They also have a lot of really cool things on here that are fair trade and part of every purchase goes to fight hunger, child health, literacy, etc. – you can choose which cause by the tabs along the top.

    My family also makes a lot of our gifts, and some of us will actually be spending a portion of Christmas Day volunteering at the local Rescue Mission/soup kitchen. 🙂

  9. I love the Advent Conspiracy video! I just may post that everywhere! All of these ideas for Christmas are awesome…

  10. AWESOME video–I will be putting it on my blog! Thanks for sharing it! and Love all of the ideas, too

  11. Strange.. I thought I had posted a comment but it must not have gone through. I have a blog with a TON of awesome ideas-

  12. we are doing this with our church/family. we are focusing on haiti and east africa. thanks for sharing.

    i am going to make some dvds of photos/videos of our family that we rarely share but that family will enjoy watching. it is going to take me awhile to get all the footage in the computer and all the pictures scanned that are pre-digital.

    it will only cost me the time because i have everything i need to do this. now, where can i get some free time??? haha…blog reading may have to go for awhile. 😦

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