1st time at Dentist for Deacon

Both boys went to the dentist today.  Cayden’s second time and Deacon’s first.  They did fabulous!  No problems at all.

6 responses to “1st time at Dentist for Deacon

  1. i like the sunglasses!

  2. okay how cute are those sunglasses? all the kids wear them to protect their eyes from the lamp thing.

    how cute!

    the hat …. oh my son loves this hat! He calls it his “bush hat” after none other than THE steven bush who can been seen sporting a hat like that often!

  3. hahahahahah…this is awesome! the shingleton’s bought August a Bush Hat…i’m looking forward to the both of them sporting them together.

  4. love the look he’s got going on there!

    That is great they did so good…. my second at 3 went to the dentist and cried and cried.

  5. That is ADORABLE!

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