$150,000 – clothes or clean water?

Heidi brought this to our attention on her blog.

I know that both sides do this …. Edwards’s hair cuts and Clinton’s (mrs.) salon visits … this happens more than just now.  Let’s not be surprised.

Check out the latest story on politicians spending money very stupidly here.

I just would like to ask the people around the world that will lose a child today because of lack of clean water what 150,000 could do for their village.

Come on people in Washington … seriously?  $150,000 on clothes in a few months?  Really.  Come on.  As a voter I don’t like this one bit.


14 responses to “$150,000 – clothes or clean water?

  1. Yeah, I saw that on the news this morning and was shocked. I mean, really, it ticked me off, too.
    BTW…check out my blog when you get a chance…you’ve been tagged.

  2. Seriously, that money could have been spent on something good. But, Hello, you have said nothing about Obama and how much him and Michelle spend on clothes, why, because that will not be published in the liberal media. You cannot tell me that he is wearing a suit from JC Penney.

  3. I read that story this morning and was appalled. The priorities of politicians in this country are seriously flawed…Wardrobe-Gate is just the icing on the cake.

  4. Jodi – I said in my post that BOTH sides do these things …. this is just the article I found today.

    This is just one documented stupid incident where their money is misused.

  5. I see what your saying, I think. What about the 20 MILLION plus that the Obama camp spent on TELEVISION ads just in the first week of October. Wow if they (all of them) would just use half of their money for “good” think what could be done.

  6. My first reaction is always to suspect anything I read in the US media these days … but that aside, this issue reminds me of our experience with the Haitian embassy while processing our adoption. Granted, their embassy is very small here in Chile – just an apartment with bare bones personnel – but the clothing, cars, accessories of the personnel is light years from that of their countrymen dying and starving every day. I mean, they were requiring $60 US dollars PER STAMP on my dossier documents … do my children ever see a cent of that money??

  7. I can’t stand the wasted money on things like this…although, that is such a small part of the waste–campaign ads, etc on BOTH sides. And let’s not forget the $850,000 contribution to Acorn by Obama…wow, not only does this raise ethical questions, it sure could build a lot of wells. The thing that bothers me about the Palin article is that this kind of thing happens on Both sides, yet the article comes out only on her. Sounds a little political to me.

  8. Jamie, I SO agree with you that spending that much money for clothes seems so foolish. However, my Liberian boys cannot fathom that we would spend $40 on a shirt and jeans, or a nice dress. That would feed them for over a month. So, I guess it’s all perspective. The very poor would be appalled at what we spend on clothes that rarely wear then give away…or a nice meal at a restaurant. I “try” to keep that in mind. 😉

  9. please remember that i do not SUPPORT either one of these campaigns or these people. For the love I don’t even know who I am voting for yet.

    This was not meant to be posted as a slam on Palin but as a slam on what WASHINGTON spends their money on.

    STUPID. It’s all a waste.

  10. I just blooged on this topic as well! Makes me sick the money that is thrown around.

  11. Ehhhh, thats all media hype (and no, I’m not a republican) most people of her status spend much more than that. Besides, we’re better off pointing the finger at ourselves! How many times do we eat out a week, or buy extra desserts, or how many pairs of shoes does each person in your family own? I read something that said, “no person, even in the business world, needs more than 8 sets of clothing and 3 pair of shoes.” I will bet ALL of us have much more than that. Think of the money each one of us could be saving, and giving away, if we lived so simply as that.

  12. Call me, I’ll tell you who to vote for!!

    JUST KIDDING!!! ; )

  13. I understand Jamie, I think it is not good that we think nothing of spending that kind of money on this stuff, but there are still hungry children/people in the world. I did a report on Haiti when our youth group did the 30 hour Famine and it is hard to understand why people aren’t taking care of each other. It is sad to know someone is eating a dirt cookie, probably right at this very moment and we throw away so much. I just wanted to make a point on both sides. I hope I did not sound too indignant, it is just sad the media slant on things makes people focus on stuff like this, without any other facts. I don’t think either candidate has addressed the issue of world poverty.

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