home study update

Since we moved to Texas in the middle of our adoption we must do an update for the USCIS office. They need to know that we are still capable of providing for our children. Completely understandable. After our update we’ll have to resend everything to our new USCIS office here in San Antonio. Then we’ll have to get fingerprinted again (b/c ours expire in Jan) and await a NEW I-171H that will give us approval to adopt an orphan. Since we’ve already begun filing our I600 in Haiti, they will wait until they get all this new information to proceed with that approval.

This is the third time we’ve had a home study. First for Deacon’s adoption, second for Amos and Story’s adoption and now this time for our update. The first time I was a nervous wreck! We had the BEST social worker of all times (love you MaryBeth!) and she made us feel so at ease, but still someone is coming to your home to check it out and interview you to see if you can adequately provide for a child. That seems like reason enough to be nervous!

The second time was much easier. Lisa came and checked us out and she was equally as awesome. Made us feel very comfortable and was able to use our last home study and update it! Super cool and not as much work for either one of us!

Now today Nicole is coming and we are so excited. You see, Nicole was there when our sweet baby boy Deacon was born. She was our social worker during our time in Texas when he was born. Oh she was fabulous! We were so impressed and we have kept in contact since then. When we moved to Austin we knew we would use he for our updates and follow up visits. Bush & Maris actually used her too when they were here! We love her.

I’m excited for her to see our big boy Deacon. She hasn’t seen him in person since we left Texas with him almost 3 years ago. WOW! I’m not nervous about our homestudy. In fact laundry is going as usual, lunch is cooking as usual and there are dishes in the sink to be washed. Don’t worry the dishes will be done and everything will be picked up, but I will be cool as a cucumber and not nervous. This is the easy part!!!!


5 responses to “home study update

  1. Hope your bisit goes well!!! Beautiful names!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Ahh, the homestudy:) Here is what I think, I think God continues to provide everything we need to bring our families together. With all three of our homestudies we had the same social worker!!! She was the BEST for our family and truly we looked forward to welcoming her into our home just like a family member…and, in many ways she is that!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your time with Nicole….oh, to see the pictures of Nicole with C,D,A, and S!!!!! Now, that will be a HAPPY DAY!!!!

  3. This is very encouraging! We are in the middle of filling out the MASSIVE amount of paperwork that goes along with the home study. We have our medical exams and fingerprinting tomorrow…but more than anything I am worried about someone coming over to our house!!!! It is hard to keep a house clean for 2 minutes with our two year old running around like a wild man đŸ™‚

  4. We’ve had so many now that I actually look forward to them! They’re fun. Someone shows up and EXPECTS you to talk about your marriage and your children!!!

  5. Haha! We have had 3 homestudies also, and at the last one, I didn’t even clean first! That’s really cool to have the same social worker again. Our last one (this summer) was by the same SW who placed Jafta. It’s like we’re family now!

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