praying for files to MOVE

I wish I has the BEST update to write to you today.  Whenever our file FINALLY gets out of IBE SR you will hear my screams through the computer.  We will celebrate here and you will be invited to share in our joy!!!  I wish that was what I was telling you today, but it’s not.

Okay so last week we had one parent interview and this Thursday is another one.  Pray for Amos’ grandpa as he goes in for his interview.

I read today on Vera’s blog that the new director of IBE SR is starting to sign out files.  I’m begging anyone that read this to please pray and beg God to get our files out soon.  I want them out this week.  How fantastic would this be.  I’m praying and fasting this week to petition God on our kids behalf.  Anyone want to join me?

If you are interested in the process of Haitian adoptions, someone wrote about it here recently.


8 responses to “praying for files to MOVE

  1. Praying fervently with you, Jamie.

  2. I know you don’t know me, but I went to college with Kim Rhodes. I came across your blog around the time you guys went to Haiti and have been praying for your family ever since. I will be begging God on your behalf this week!

  3. praying for you and your family today. pleading with God to bring them home and that He would receive all of the glory.

  4. Yes, these files need to move! I hope this is the month.

  5. Always praying for you, Friend.

  6. Always praying for you, Friend.

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