houston mini photo session

You know I love me some Christmas cards!!!!  I’ve already been thinking about our design for this year.  Sadly last Christmas was crazy and ours never made it out.  We had them taken.  We had them designed.  We even had a few printed to check, and yet they never made it out.  They were cool too.  Very cool.  I’ll post a picture soon if I think about it.

Steven Bush took our pictures last year and did a fabulous job.  A lot of photographers will do mini-sessions around the holiday’s to get a good family picture in for Christmas cards.  They are usually about 30 minutes and much cheaper then a full session. I’m trying to talk Steven into doing this here in Austin.  Wouldn’t you guys use him???

Anyhow a friend of ours in Houston is hosting a mini-session and I highly recommend her.  She is a photographer and does great work.  Debra went with us to Haiti in May and her and her family are actually adopting a little boy that she met there at the RescueCenter.  I was able to bring him gifts from them when I was there in September.  Loved that!

Here is her blog where she writes about her mini-sessions. Email her.  Call her.  Book her.  Then send me a Christmas card!!!!

One response to “houston mini photo session

  1. Mark and I were just talking about how we need to do our Christmas photos! I wish we could use one of these photogs. Good stuff!

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