Random old pictures

I found some old photos today ….

Cayden eating carrots:

Aaron and Cayden lounging by the pool!

Cayden and mommy!

Back when we just had one kid:

Mellie & Deaky:

Cayden & Emily – how cute are they!

Deacon and Ava – this could be a match made in heaven!

Look how little my kids used to be … oh my goodness!

Gosh I loved Cayden’s hair long like that …. even if strangers called him a girl!

One of my favorite photos ever of Cayden and Aaron:

9 responses to “Random old pictures

  1. Great pictures! And I’m sure you must have heard this a million times, but wow! Cayden and Aaron look SO much alike!!

  2. photo #2…why didn’t someone tell me my hair looked ridiculous.

  3. I really really miss you guys.

    I’m going to be scheduling some time off very soon. I think a long weekend in Austin might be good for my soul. What do you think?? 🙂

  4. These are great. My mom kept my little brother’s hair really long as well…. What is it with moms and making their boys look like girls? haha

  5. So aaron was once a bit …. how shall we say … ?? … “Husky”????? Who knew!?!?!?

  6. T & T (which stands for Troy and Tara so everyone knows…)
    you can shut your faces immediately.

  7. Jamie:

    How long did it take aaron to go from husky to hot?

  8. my face is shut. 😦 sad for me.

  9. I just want to know what happened to our babies … Could someone make it stop … Miss ya !!!! Putting your number in my phone today so we can start texting …

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