Getting to Cazale

Licia told me that she didn’t tell Amos I was coming until about 2 hours before I got there. The reason … we didn’t know if we would make it.

The hurricane washed out bridges and parts of the road. No car could get from Cabaret to Cazale. It was impossible.

The first car took us as far as it could and then we were able to walk over the bridge.  They had made a path for people to walk and motorcycles to get over.  There were lots of people to help us carry our bags and food over to the next car.

We then got on another tap-tap and it took us as far is it could.  The next bridge was washed away and we had to walk up and around the river.  Here are some pictures from that walk:

Look at how these guys just threw our 50-70 pound bags on top of their heads.  Wow!

Notice we don’t have any bags.  They would NOT let us carry any!  Not that we could have anyways, 🙂 but they wouldn’t even think of letting us carry any.

This is a view of the river from the top where we walked up and around.  The brown part is the river rushing through.  It was very beautiful up there, but also tragic as well.  The path we were on is the only path for people to walk around this part of the river.  People’s lives just got 100times harder because of the bridge going out.

After we walked around this we got on our last tap-tap that would lead us to Cazale.  At this point we were around no one that spoke English.  Kinda weird and cool all at the same time!  The people were so friendly to us and so helpful to us.  I was a little worried about us bringing in the big bags of rice and beans, but no one even remotely acted as though we were a threat or that they wanted to take the food.  The thing is that people respect the work that Real Hope for Haiti does for the village of Cazale and all the places around it.  They respect Licia, Lori and Zach and would protect them and their people.  They see all the work that they do for them and realize how much they value them in their village.  How amazing is it that the people at RHFH have gained the trust of everyone in their area.

Here is a picture from our last tap-tap ride.  I loved this woman’s smile.  She smiled the whole ride and seemed to have so much joy in her life.  She was awesome!

4 responses to “Getting to Cazale

  1. I love this glimpse into a different side of Haiti than we were able to see!

  2. yes very different than PAP!

  3. That hike reminds me of one I took in the mountains in Eastern China. The trails were cut out of stone and slick from the rain. I was out of breath and my 15 year old companion carried my bag plus hers and did it in flimsy plastic flip flops!

  4. Reminds me of my part of Haiti. I’ll have to look into exactly where you were at. I love the smile of the lady too. It seems to me that when I am in Haiti for a week I see more sincere smiles than I see in America in a given year. Awesome pictures.

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