Whitaker’s on Oprah

My friend Tina reminded us tonight that Kent & Bart Whitaker will be on Oprah tomorrow.

Aaron knew the Whitaker family when we lived in Sugar Land and was honored to sing at Tricia and Kevin’s funeral.

This is a tragic event.  A sad story.  BUT also a story about redemption and forgiveness.  Redemption and forgiveness that only comes through God.

I encourage you to watch.


5 responses to “Whitaker’s on Oprah

  1. I’ve heard this tragic story on Dateline NBC or one of the other news magazine shows before. It’ll be good to hear the story about redemption & forgiveness! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. TIVO it for me PLEASE!!! I will be at work.

  3. What did you think of the episode? I watched it (per your recommendation), and I thought the story was absolutely incredible. I really don’t like the way that Oprah interviewed Kent though. I always get the impression that she’s mocking the people she interviews… might be just me though.

  4. I watched it and thought it was a good interview. As Oprah always does, she skirted around the Dad talking about Christ–but it was good. Did you get the chance to watch it? I cannot even begin to imagine how that Dad is dealing with knowing his son is going to get executed. I love his talk on forgiveness and again wish Oprah would allow him to eleborate more on God’s forgiveness for us. I never watch O and really can’t stand her, but couldn’t miss this interview.

  5. i ALWAYS feel like Oprah is mocking her guests too. As if she has this “I’m better than you” attitude a lot.

    I thought the interview was good. If you clicked on the link in my oroginal post and ended up at Bart’s personal blog you can read about how he thought his interview with Lisa Ling went.

    Great story about forgiveness. I can’t wait to read the book.

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