new reads.

Here’s the two books I’m trying to get through these days:

JUST BEYOND THE CLOUDS by Karen Kingsbury – I started this on my way to Haiti last week and it is really good and really easy.  I needed something easy to read while I was there.  I can’t handle Haiti, seeing my kids AND a heavy book all at once!!!


I started this a while ago and am having a hard time getting through it.  I want to read it, but serious books are hard for me.  Isn’t that sad!  I enjoy fiction and books about real people.  Books that are meant to educate you are difficult for me to get through.

Eventually I finish this one!!

I recently started this bible study with my local mom’s group.  Good times!

What are you reading or studying lately?


7 responses to “new reads.

  1. I LOVE anything and everything by Karen Kingsbury. I have read this book, and loved it. A few other good ones: Like Dandelion Dust, The Red Gloves Collection, A Time to Dance and A Time to Embrace (read those two in order as listed).

  2. Talk about a series, read Karen Kingsbury’s Forever series. There are five books to start, then another five following another family (all still connected), and then another four… haven’t read the last one yet #14, because it just came out. Karen is so easy to read. With this series, you will feel like you have been a part of the family for years, when really it’s throughout 14 books. Excellent recommendation. Also very much enjoy Francine Rivers. Kristen Heitzmann is what I’m reading right now, although she’s not my favorite style overall. Definitely Karen and Francine first (first name basis!) 🙂

  3. I read the adoption book as well, very dry and quite frankly makes everything a toddler does look like an issue..

  4. “… having a hard time getting through it. I want to read it, but serious books are hard for me. Isn’t that sad!”

    I would answer you, but I’m too busy living in denial over the fact that I still haven’t made a dent in “Jesus for President.”

  5. Yeah, I am on page 70 of a very philosophical book I’ve been trying to read for two months (Midnight’s Children by Rushdie). But I know if I just gave in a read the vampire novels everyone’s talking about, I’d be done in a day!! I know what you mean. Sometimes an easy, escapist book is just what the doctor ordered.

    When you finish the adoption book, share your thoughts. I need to brush up on the attachment stuff, too.

  6. I preferred Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents by Deborah D. Gray. I just read it in stages (by age) so I wouldn’t get completely overwhelmed. Still pick it up from time to time…

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