basketball practice.

Tonight was our first practice. We are now in organized sports. I must say I’m so very happy that we are in this stage of life. I love sports and hope that my boys do too.

Cayden was told he could either play basketball, soccer or t-ball this fall and he chose basketball. Fun stuff! I signed him up thinking he’d be on the 4-5 year old team and he is actually on the 4-7 year old team with him being the ONLY four year old on his team! I thought about pulling him out but then decided that we would stick it out and see how he did. He has been so excited about playing basketball!

He did great tonight. I was so proud of him. Of course he is four, so he got out of line a lot, he played with the other boys in the back of the line when he should have been paying attention, he pulled his shirt up over his head and laughed, and it wouldn’t be the first practice without a head to his nose and a small crying spell. I didn’t rush over and actually thought he was going to shake it off, but he did run to the side lines and stand with me for a bit. I was so proud of myself b/c I didn’t baby him, but checked it out, hugged him and then encouraged him to go back and practice with his team. After about 2 minutes he was good to go.

We have two more practices before our first game. This should be interesting!

Look at that form!!!!

I feel bad for him b/c he never made a shot. In fact he never even came close. In fact the ball never got but about 3 feet over his head and almost hit him in the head with each “shot”! They are for some reason practicing on 10 ft. goals, but will play on 8 ft goals. I think our “goal” for this year will be to at least get one ball close to going in the basket either in practice or at a game!

Yes that’s him in the back with his shorts pulled up to his butt. Doesn’t he look little compared to some of the boys. Oh I pray they are nice to him and the kids on the other teams don’t just RUN HIM OVER!

Here Coach Tony is dribbling beside him to help him out. The coach is doing great with the kids. I was worried we would get a yeller for a coach and I wouldn’t like that for my four year old. I like Coach Tony.

Funny story …. as we walked up I was pointing out Coach Tony to Cayden and he replied …. He’s brown just like Deacon.  Funny how his little mind works.  He has tattoo’s all down his arm and that doesn’t even phase my kids, but they know when someone looks brown like Deacon.  I love it!

I’m telling you as much as I LOVE this season of our lives and am so ready for it, it also scares the crap out of me. If you know me you know I worry about my kids. I worry that Cayden will do something silly that is nothing out of the ordinary for a four year old and the bigger kids on the team will make fun of him. I worry that they’ll say mean things to him in line while waiting their turn to dribble. I worry that he’ll get yelled out and get his feelings hurt. I worry that the big kids will run him over.

I need to get out of this worry phase and trust God and allow God to lead me and guide me. It is hard. I never knew parenting would be so hard. I feel so much pressure to protect my kids’ minds and hearts. I don’t want them to get too “grown up” before they need to be. I don’t want them to get hurt too soon.

I want to be their protector.


8 responses to “basketball practice.

  1. I’m going through the same things with Eli right now–imagine that! But we are playing baseball right now. He is loving it. Tonight was MY first trial. They had a game last night and started off pretty badly, but they all came back and played great at the end. They lost by 1 run, although most of them didn’t have a clue about that. One of the coach’s made the comment that tonight’s practice was NOT going to be fun. I thought, wait a minute, isn’t this ALL supposed to be fun. So I was actually dreading tonight. He did make them run quite a bit, but overall it was fine. The coach expects a lot out of 5-6 year olds. Poor Eli is the youngest and this is his first time playing, so he gets called out a bit. But it has been good for him!

    Sorry to leave such a long comment–you don’t have to post it!! Just feeling your pain!

  2. You’re a fabulous mommy Jamie Ivey! I learn so much from you. My friends let me babysit their children, and how you love yours is such an encouragment to me.

  3. What league is he playing in?

  4. Love him so much! haha, he is getting so big!!

  5. Jafta just started in organized sports, too: t-ball. I have so many of the same feelings you are expressing. Isn’t it hard to let them be big boys!?! Great job on not babying him. That’s always a challenge for me.

    It’s crazy how many parellels the sports thing has to real life. Letting them learn from mistakes, be coached by others, work things out with peers – sheesh! Who knew it would bring so much up? 🙂

  6. I love organized sports…I think Cayden will be amazing..and believe it or not, I think the kids EVEN ON THE OTHER TEAM will notice he is small and want to protect him…it’s in their nature to want to protect the smaller/younger kids…it always amazes me to watch..

  7. Aww, I love this! I am a huge sports fan too. My son is 3 and already showing great interest. I can’t wait, but at the same time can totally relate to your concerns about how the other kids might hurt him.

  8. rec basketball…… some of the best and potentially worst when i played in them. but trust me, he will be fine, is there an upward in austin? caus thats what i was in and every practice u had a bible study.. and i loved it because noone was mean at all or disrespectful or anything. so i say he is good! hell make a basket, and hell get to play as much as everyone else, and hell get the ball tha same as everyone else, he has to

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