New painting in bedroom.

I adore my husband.  He is always thinking of me and how he can make me happy.  Whenever I’m away he seems to always do something for me as a surprise before I get home.  One time when I was away he laid a patio for me in our backyard.  It was a great surprise when I arrived home!

This week while I was away in Haiti he told me he made me something.  I was so curious and was convinced that he had set up Story’s bed for me in her room.  He knows I’m dieing to do that so that’s what I thought it was.

I got home and went through the house looking for what I thought he might have done.  Then I walked into our bedroom and saw this:

Yes he painted that picture on the wall.  I didn’t believe him.  I made him swear that he did it and didn’t buy it at an art gallery somewhere in Austin.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It is so me!

I teared up when I realized that my husband painted this for me.  I am certain that I do have the best husband in the world and am so grateful that God gave him to me.  We are a great team and truly do love and care about each other tremendously.

Here is a close up:

The picture has the flash on it, but you get the idea.  COOL PAINTING!!!

14 responses to “New painting in bedroom.

  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I love it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

  2. o my gosh that is one of the best/coolest paintings i have ever seen! tell him he did an amazing job!

  3. Wow! That is seriously the most beautiful thing ever! I LOVE it!!

  4. I saw on facebook that “aaron is painting” and I assumed he meant walls in the house. lest I forget he is an artist… great job! major husband points, aaron!

  5. wow, your husband is AMAZING!!

  6. such a beautiful piece of art! glad you posted pics. 🙂

  7. Oh i LOVE that! wow…..

  8. That’s so cool! Now I’m feeling bad that I didn’t do a project for my hubs while he was in India. Oh well. I’m promising to be showered and dressed with makeup on when he gets home.

  9. Wow!! It’s beautiful!

  10. That is very cool! I have been watching you blog (technically not lurking because I *think* I commented early on 🙂 and am very much enjoying reading about your journey. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
    WAY too cute basketball post, too!

  11. That is amazingly so sweet. It is also a beautiful picture also. I love it.

  12. tell your painter dude husband he so needs to paint a painting for the austin house of prayer silent auction! i’m sure someone would pay big bucks for an ivey original 🙂

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