Austin requests

I have some random Austin requests for you all …..

I need to find:

  1. a vet for our dog. we live up north and would like someone close.
  2. a pediatrician for our kids. we would even go for a good family doctor. i would also like them to be black. anyone know a good doctor on the north side that is black?
  3. a dentist. we all need one. i would love a pediatric one for my kids and then one for us. know any?
  4. a doctor that deals with international adoptions.  i would even be willing to travel to Houston or DFW to go to a good one.  we don’t need one now, but will in the future when A & S come home.


7 responses to “Austin requests

  1. #4 I can ask my friend about who they used in the DFW area.

    Oh, yesterday there was a group doing a car wash for Hope for Haiti

  2. Hi Jamie, glad you made it home safely from Haiti. I would check with a children’s hospital, the one of the children’s hospitals here in Indiana has an International adoption clinic. Surely there is one in Texas, hopefully nearby. I would contact your nearest children’s hospital and ask. Good Luck.

  3. Hi Jamie. Check with your nearest Children’s hospital about an International adoption clinic. They have one at one of the Indiana children’s hospitals so they would probably have one in Texas. Glad your trip went well.

  4. About vets… Amanda at The Cat Hospital of Austin…..they only do cats, but I’m positive she will be able to recommend a good vet that treats dogs. The number is 258-2024…tell her I told you to call….let me know how it goes…


  5. Spangler Animal clinic is amazing and they board when needed (off Lamar and Rundberg area)
    Dr. Theresa Knobles is an amazing dentist for adults. I don’t know if she does kids (off shoal creek and Burnet area)

  6. Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston has a great International adoption clinic.

  7. Danny Watts is the best kid dentist ever – off 360 over by Grace Covenant. Our pediatrician is Daniel Terwelp..he’s old and knows everybody and would not think it was strange if you called his office and asked if he knew a black doctor. 345-6758

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