day 4

Today we left at 8 AM to head up the mountain.  It was one of my favorite things that I’ve done here in Haiti in all of my trips.  The land is beautiful and the walk up was gorgeous.  I guess I can say I’ve been hiking now, because it was a work out for me!


We checked out all the water sources and that was very interesting.  We found some springs that have wonderful water coming out of them.  I wanted my bathing suit and a big raft to go rafting in!


Licia told me that while I was gone she came up to the house and Amos was acting very weird.  Sad and mad all in one.  He wouldn’t really talk to her and finally he told her that his mommy had left and so he was sad.  Oh how that broke my heart and made me happy all in one.  It shows me that he actually does know me and care for me and love me.  I loved it.  I dread saying good bye’s tomorrow.  It is always hard to leave them here.


Found out our papers are pretty much stuck in IB ESR b/c of our age.  BUMMER.  Pray hard for this new director that is coming in to want to get these papers off her desk. Pray that our papers get signed out soon. Barb told me that once we get out of there legalization is one month and then MOI can be a few and then Visa’s and hopefully they’ll have their act together by the time we get there.  🙂  I have a few things to get down here for our I600 to be approved, but at least we’re moving!  They need a picture of all of us together to prove that Aaron has visited them!

One response to “day 4

  1. Hi Jamie:)

    Just doing a little catch up here on your blog!! You are doing great!!! I’m sorry that A. is sad when you are gone and I’m sorry you have to leave…again!!! One day we will just all rejoice to see your entire family HOME together. Please know I pray often for your children, all your children:) and family.

    I in no way can begin to imagine your emotions upon having to leave A. and S. My heart breaks for all of you. I am just so in awe of your strength and so proud to walk this journey of life and share the true Gift of adoption with you.

    God continue blessing your family of six!!!

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