day 3 evening

I am always amazed at the Haitian people.  They are strong and will survive.  Today Lori walked us all around Cazale and I was in awe of the devestation here.  Places where there used to be full fields of trees are now bare and full of rocks that the flood brought down.  Places where there used to be a five foot drop off to the river are now even ground.  Places where homes used to sit that were washed down the river.


This morning we saw a lady pass through the clinic that was severely hurt both physically and emotionally in the flood that passed through Cabaret from Hurrican Ike.  A part of her wall fell on her leg and she has a bad wound there and she also lost one of her children in the flood.  Her life is devastated.


Debra & Ernest:  I finally gave Ronel his stuff tonight.  I think he has been eagerly awaiting b/c he saw another girl receive gifts from her adoptive family.  There hasn’t been someone around that speaks kreyol each time I want to give it to him.  So finally after we got back from our walk I pulled Carmelo up here to interpret for me.  He LOVED all of it.  He tried on everything.  The shirt and hat make him look oh so super cute and just like a Parker!  He didn’t want to wear his shoes or his shirt until he took a bath.  🙂  I told him that his mommy and papa love him so much and that his momma wants to come see him so badly.  He remembered you from May and told me he had your pictures downstairs.  It was so sweet and he was so excited and grateful. 


Giving gifts to children from their adoptive families is such a joy for me.  A pure joy!  I pray for each of them as they are receiving gifts from people that they hardly know.  People that are fighting for them and yearing for them.  I understand this all too well.


Tonight was pizza for dinner.  Yummy.  Once again …. I ate meat!  I can’t resist.  The food they feed us is so yummy and what am I going to do, not eat!!!  😉


It is so funny here because I’m always tired and ready for bed by about 8pm!  We stayed busy today and it was wonderful.  Now it is almost 8 and I’ve eaten, had my shower and am ready for bed!!!  Story is down and hopefully Amos will be ready too!!!


Today we passed out food to 69 different families.  The RC had received food from an organization called KIDS AGAINST HUNGER and that was cool.  We also added bags of rice and beans that we bought in PAP from the money that some friends gave me.  Thanks so much!


(I wrote this last night and never published it.  I didn’t finish my thoughts, but don’t have time to finish them now so I’m going to post it anyways …..)


2 responses to “day 3 evening

  1. Rest assured the ugly cry is happening.

    Thank you Jamie. Thank you for taking those simple things to our boy. Now I am REALLY wishing I was there.

  2. Jamie,
    Yeah! I finally got a chance to catch up on your week! I have thought and prayed for you often! Sounds like things are going really well! Thanks for all you are doing there!

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