Amos understands

One cool thing that I’ve noticed this trip is that although I understand about20% of what Amos says, he seems to understand all that I say.  That is very cool!


We handed out story cloths to the kids today.  A church in LA told their kids in VBS about Haiti and today we were able to hand out the story cloths that they had made.  Super cool. 


Debra, Ronel has all his gear on today!  He looks super cute and I told him today all about the baseball team that he was sporting and that his daddy and brother love baseball.  He smiled very big!  He has a special place to keep his backpack!


I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow.  The plan is to leave here around 6 and then get to the Livesay house and shower 🙂 and then head to airport for 12:30 flight.  It feels like we just got here.  I am sad to leave Amos.  This trip has literally flown by.  5 days is not really long enough.  What was I thinking?


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