Pictures day 2

Walking up to Cazale we got a little wet!

Here’s one way our bags got to Cazale today!

I love all these kids!

Her mom, dad and sisters sent this to her!  She loved it!  I have seen her show all her friends this and all the stickers! 


We are all great here.  Amos has been very shy with me and not like he was in May.  Story is super cute and looks like she has grown since May.  She has two teeth on the bottom and is a very happy girl.  She already pooped on Chrystal since we’ve been here!!!


I’m off to a nice cold shower and then off to bed.  Tomorrow is clinic day and I could not be more excited about that!  We’re hoping to see how this whole show is run around here!


Licia and Lori are fabulous.  Fabulous.  Love them.


Aaron I love you.  Night.


3 responses to “Pictures day 2

  1. thanks for putting these photos up!! love you toooo!!!

  2. Kembert was really shy on our last trip, too.

  3. ThRiLLeD to see these photos!! Thank you for the special delivery. 🙂

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