Video of flood waters

Here is a video that Lori posted on her blog today.

Aaron and I packed my bags tonight and I’m super super excited about getting to Haiti. I’m excited about helping out Licia & Lori with anything they need for the 2 days I’m with them. I’m excited about seeing my children and loving all over them. I’m excited that two men from our new awesome church are going with us.

A new friend of mine wrote this about me today. I’m humbled to be able to tell people about Haiti, RHFH, and the Livesay family.

2 responses to “Video of flood waters

  1. have a safe trip……i am sure just seeing you will be a comfort to licia and lori and your two precious babies…….it will all be amazing to see how your church wraps it arms around the rescue center…… is always good to see your long distance friends and help them in their time of need…….. laugh with them and share a meal together…..orevwa!!!


  2. Ahh, Jamie… safely and know we are praying for you and your family, those in Haiti and Texas:)!!!

    I can only say I understand being divided, leaving those you love to journey towards those you love. I’d like to say it gets easier, but, for me that would have been dishonest. What I will tell you, is I did it three different times in order to bring home my daughters from China….and, would I do it again? Without any hesitation or question!!!!

    God hold you in His Loving Palm,

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