starting to pack ….

Today is the first day of packing for me.  It is always fun to lay out everything I have collected since May and all that has been donated to me and try to figure out what to take and what can wait until next time.  I pack all the important necessity stuff first and then pack other stuff first.

Today I have put up “signs” in my room with different categories …. Story & Amos – Personal stuff – Livesay, John & Beth – RC & Clinic – Licia & Lori personel – clothes for RC kids ….. Those are my categories.  I lay everything i have out and then I will pack tomorrow.

I want to take some time to show you some things I have received for this trip.  A friend of ours sent me a HUGE box full of new clothes to take down there.  They are from Talbots kids and range from size 2 to 8 for girls and boys.  Oh they are cute!

This friend also sent some stuff for the RC kids that her church made for them.  They talked about Haiti during their VBS and made some story cloths for them.  I look forward to taking these to the kids and sharing with them what these kids far, far, away made for them.  It is also a time to tell them the story of Jesus!

Another friend brought by formula, ziploc bags, baby medicine, soap, clothes, toothpaste and office supplies.

Another friend donated all the good buys she found at Target this week!  Puzzles, scissors, index cards, construction paper, foam blocs, glow sticks, hair clips and markers!

Some friends have given me cash that I will be taking down to Licia & Lori.  I know they will be blessed and blown away by their sacrificial giving.

Three other friends have sent me stuff to take to their kids in Haiti.  I find great joy in bringing them something from their family here that loves them, misses them and yearns for them daily!


One response to “starting to pack ….

  1. So exciting, Jamie!! I am going to open my suitcases and re-pack tomorrow (due to our trip being rescheduled, and we’ve picked up more stuff since.) I assume you’ll be taking some extra luggage? We’ll be taking one, but it’s kind of frustrating because the ONLY airline that flies between Chile and Haiti has strict luggage requirements – we are only allowed 70 lbs total per passenger, and we’re used to having TWO bags that size EACH when traveling between the States and here. Our extra bag can only be 50 lbs, too … grrr. We’ve got lots of diapers, wipes, formula and clothes to take. Can’t believe it’s almost here!!

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