I heard two disturbing facts today.

1 in 3 men cheat

1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime


5 responses to “1:3

  1. That is very disturbing. Where did you hear this?

  2. yes both very disturbing …

    i was at my doctor yesterday and we were talking about family history and i said nothing that no one else’s family doesn’t have. I said that it is normal these days for someone in your family to have cancer and he then told me that the last stat he heard was 1 in 3 will get cancer in their lifetime. He did say though that now more than ever people are beating it, so that is great news too!

    The one in three husbands that will cheat was on Oprah. She had a guy on there (some kind of psychologists i think) that wrote a book about it and that was the stat that he gave. UGH – very disturbing right!

  3. Even more disturbing are the statistics on cheating, premarital sex, and Christians. Except for devout Catholics, the statistics are the same for evangelical Christians who attend church weekly, and unbelievers for both premarital sex and extramarital sex.

    Imagine that. And we wonder why people think Christians are fools.

  4. Jaim,
    I hate to add in your disturbing facts, but I just heard this, 1 in 3 women have been sexually abused……
    The cancer fact about blew me away when I heard it back in June…

  5. The guy on Oprah did say that weekly attendance at a religious service lowered the statistics for cheating. But I have also heard before that the numbers are the same, so who know which is accurate. I will say that I am a marriage counselor and I haven’t seen numbers quite that high in practice. More like 1 in 6 . . . and most of the couples I see are Christian.

    Did you see the follow-up show? There were so many angry women from the week before, feeling like he was blaming them for their husband’s bad behavior. It was all very interesting!!

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