September 15th

Four cool things about today, September 15th, 2008.

  1. Today is one of my greatest friends birthday.  Happy Birthday Maris!  I love you and am so glad that our lives intersected when they did.  I can’t wait to spend next week with you in Haiti …. which leads me to the number two cool thing about today.
  2. In one week I’ll be in Haiti with two amazing girls.  Maris and Chrystal and I will fly in on Monday and spend the night with Tara & Troy.  Then on Tuesday I have a very important appointment in PAP and will hopefully be able to file a paper for our adoption.  After that we will somehow attempt to get out to Cazale.  I can’t wait to see my kids!  I can’t wait to see Licia & Lori!
  3. Today marks 20 weeks in IBESR. I think they say average is 4-12 months, so I’m not worried yet.  I wish we would get out every day, but miraculously it doesn’t consume my every thought lately.  I’m getting better at trusting God.  Slowly but surely!
  4. Today marks one month since we left TN to move to the great state of TX.  It has been a great month.  Wonderful!  The people at the Stone have been so wonderful to us.  I miss some dear friends in TN, but I know we’ll be friends forever.  🙂

So there are my four things about September 15, 2008.  Anything exciting about your 9/15/08?

8 responses to “September 15th

  1. my girls birthday! thanks for helping me make it happen.

  2. I”m getting so excited for you about your trip next week. Already praying for some wonderful time there for you with the kids.

  3. 9/15 – exactly 8 years since my hubby was baptized, left for Brazil for the first time, then felt the call to missions!

  4. Jamie –
    will you email me your flight number on Monday — so we can track you in the air??? We will pick you up — much love …

  5. We put our house on the market today! Exciting and scary all rolled into one! I’m praying for a safe trip for you ladies and a most amazing time with your little ones!

  6. hmmm….
    my 9/15?
    lots of worship leading – which i LOVE!

  7. This TN friend misses you terribly!

  8. This TN friend misses you terribly-er!
    HEY MEL!! We should get together and talk about her!!

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