packing for Haiti

Let the packing begin!

Here is a list of some things that I’m packing for Licia & Lori …

canned meat–chicken–beef—salmon
nuts/nut mixes
granola bars
fruit snacks–for the boys
hard candy
Tooth paste
deodorant for us personally-any kind is fine but we like the gel stuff
ice cube trays-as you have room they are light
boxed cheese like Velveeta (any brand is fine)
cereal-again this is light and if you have room
gum-any kind
fingernail clippers
If any of you live in Austin and want to donate, feel free to bring any of these things by and I’ll get them packed for you!!

They are also taking donations to get kitchen supplies back for the people in the village that lost it all.  I wrote about it here.  Please go back and read if you didn’t see it the first time.

Any questions just email me:  jamie @ aaronivey (dot) com


One response to “packing for Haiti

  1. Safe travels to you during your trip to Haiti! What part of the country will you be visiting?

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