Office time.

Every day I work in my office.  I do the booking for the band and so that keeps me busy a few hours a day and I am also always trying to spread the word about Haiti and so some days I spend time on that.  I get most done when the kids are sleeping, but sometimes work must go on after they wake up and so we all get in the office and “work”.

Today the kids are coloring and cutting out pictures.  They are having lots of fun and being good boys.  I just wanted to show my helpers today!  I love these boys!


5 responses to “Office time.

  1. so you can be encouraged..thanks to you, I contributed to the Rescue Center

  2. so which one of the boys is reading “Ragamuffin Gospel”?

  3. oh our children are advanced!

  4. Jamie
    So glad you guys are loving Austin, although we will miss you here in the ‘boro! I couldn’t find your email and needed to ask you who would be some other people who were trying to start the adoption ministry at church here? Was there another person who was “leading?”

  5. Awwww…..your boys are so darn cute. I think of you guys often. I wish we could of spent more time together when you lived here. I think we could have been great friends……tonight I am singing……don’t know what you’ve got till its gone!!!!:) Seriously, I am glad you guys are adjusting well to your new homes and city!!!

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