700×30 = $21K

Tara’s talking about RHFH here on this blog post.

She made a a great point. If 700 readers gave RHFH $30 they would have 21K to work with over the next few weeks to help the Haitians around them.

Have you given? Today is the day. Go now.


2 responses to “700×30 = $21K

  1. Jamie,

    We don’t know each other, but I think Aaron was friends with my old college roomate’s husband (Jeremy Jansen) in college. My husband and I started reading your’s and Aaron’s blogs and we have been so intrigued, entertained and inspired by the two of you. Because of you guys and your hearts for Haiti, we too have been moved to pray and feel a responsibility to care for the children and families of that nation along with the efforts of Licia, Lori and families. I can’t possibly go into what all of that means for us, but for now just wanted to say “Thank you” for the information updates on the hurricanes and the link to the Livesay family. We joyfully donated to Real Hope for Haiti today and will continue to for as long as it takes. I pray other lingering families like us in the blogworld are touched by what is happening in the REAL world and make forward motion to action. Really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts (all 5 of them 🙂 )

    Stacy and Jordan Young +++

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Just donated my $30 :o)

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