Sara Palin discussion.

Want to get in on a good discussion?

Head on over to Kristen’s blog and read the entry and then the comments.

Interesting stuff over there.

7 responses to “Sara Palin discussion.

  1. Our house is diggin’ Sara I must say! I commented over there..I normally try to stay out of this kind of stuff but,,,,,I just really like her! I think I was really nice!

  2. wow. i cant even start to comment on that because of the fact that my blood pressure has just shot up threw the roof…… thanks for the read but i don’t understand how mothers can be so judgemental towards another mother. i guess its ok for a dad to never be home and work his ass off, to take care of a country. you know since men and women are 100% equal it really doesn’t matter who stays home and takes care of all the kids:/ hummmmmm i mean the jest of what i got is how dare she leave her family and take this job, but go obama forget about your two little girls there fine. I think they need to leave the family out of this . sorry for the ramble.

  3. Well, nothing like a little controversy to get people talking and increase the comments! 🙂 I may have to think of more ways to stir the pot on my blog. Hee hee.

    One thing is for sure, people have strong feelings about Sarah Palin.

  4. I have to agree, she definitely energized our household as well.
    The push seems to have started for the 2012 race.
    I found this on cafepress:

  5. Please stop this woman

    I am sick and tired of hearing this womans voice! She sounds like every PTA mom I have ever heard, annoying! She keeps talking and is not saying a word! She doesnt say anything about any of the issues and no one cares about what she did in ALASKA! No one is impressed with your in the middle of no where state and small doesnt matter little town. I hear her voice but she keeps repeating herself. Someone should just give her some red pom-poms and tell her to keep cheering and ramping up the republican party because THAT IS ALL SHE IS DOING! WHOOOO HOOOOO! Talk about something with some substance for gods sake! Does everyone realize that if old man McCain dies, this woman is the leader of the free world! AND SHE HAS BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY ONE TIME HERE WHOLE DAMN LIFE! I bet her foreign policy experience will keep us out of whatever the next war might be!(yeah right) I wouldnt make her the principle of my sons school. So shes a woman and she talks tough… does my mother but shes not qualified to be vice president of the United States! The reason she wont talk about any of the issues is because her party has screwed up this country so bad over the past eight years, she knows they have real way how to fix them. And if McCain tells me how her damn husband rides snowmobiles one more time…..I’m gonna shoot my t.v.!!! I can ride a motorcycle in the rain from here to washington…put me in the white house! Like I said………SPEACHES WITH NO DAMN SUBSTANCE….AT ALL …..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Please stop this woman

    By the way….Joe Biden is going to tear her to pieces in the vice presidential debates and make her look so stupid! I bet she will be speachless at least two times or more or say something like……”I have no response for that” I will bet you!!!!!!

  7. Yes kristen you are right. controversy!

    Just so everyone is clear here …. opinions are always welcome here, let’s just not get too carried away! No one has yet on this post … but i’m just putting the warning out there. 🙂

    I like that there is a woman on the ticket – any ticket for the race. As of right now I am not educated enough on her to make any comment on her ability to be VP.

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