muffin tin lunch

Every once in a while we give the boys their lunch in muffin tins.  It seems to break up the normal and is fun for them and fun for me to come up with 6 items to fill it up!

Today we had this for lunch!

Both have the same items in them and they are …..

L to R on top row is applesauce, black beans and cut up cucumbers and grape tomatoes

L to R on bottom row is purple grapes & strawberries, left over vegetarian sloppy joes and hummus for dipping veggies in

What a great lunch!

Tell me how you feed your kids healthy lunches – I need all the ideas I can get!


6 responses to “muffin tin lunch

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I am going to try this one! Hannah is blind, so she will LOVE this eating concept!!! We grill A LOT, and the kids love most anything done on the grill.

    This is something that I read in a magazine, so I take no credit! 🙂

    this family made a snack shack, and they priced the snacks accordingly. The healthiest snacks were always free (fruits and veggies), and the less healthy snacks cost $. they were also trying to teach their kids how to manage money, so they were given an allowance for snacks and when it was spent, the only things that they could choose from were fruits and veggies.

    My two oldest kids are almost old enough for this concept, so we might try to implement soon.

    probably more than you wanted… 🙂

  2. I LOVE this idea! I am going to try it also. Seems easy enough to implement.

  3. That looks awesome! Lunch is always a challenge around here. We do a lot of turkey on wheat + string cheese + carrots + fruit. That’s the usual menu. When I’m actually organized, I make bean/rice/cheese burritos in bulk and freeze them for lunches. I’ve been wanting to try the muffin tin thing but keep forgetting!

  4. That is such a great idea! My son will love this – thanks for posting.


    this woman has made a blog about the lunches she packs for her son. its so fun and creative. i think her blog has expanded to other things and I hear she recently wrote a book. anyway, thought it might give you some good ideas. and she’s vegan.

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