my broke down back

For the past few days I have felt useless.  Completely useless.  Wed night my back went out on me and it was the worst it has ever been.  I was unable to walk and do anything by myself.  Aaron had to literally carry me to bed.  We were both upset and scared by this pain that I was in.  It was awful.

I went to the chiroprator yesterday and he could barely do anything since I was in such bad shape.  Today I went back and we were able to get x-rays and do some work on me and get me on some of the machines.   So, diagnosis is that there is something wrong my disc.  The disc between the L5 & S1 is messed up and the x-ray showed a healed stress fracture on one of my vertebrae.  He said that shows that there has been numerous compressions on my vertebrae. He said all of it in medical terms, and that’s what I came away with!

SO …. a few observations from my useless hours at home

  • it is hard to be useless.  when everyone is doing everything around you it makes you feel bad
  • aaron is a great caretaker – he will take care of me when i’m old i’m sure of it
  • seeing your spouse hurt for you is comforting.  not that i want either of us to hurt, but to see him hurt for me makes me feel very loved
  • aaron is getting a dose of what it is like to be single parent – not that doesn’t ever do that, but he is 100% dad yesterday and today.  he has done a fabulous job!  it reminds him of all i do!
  • walking like i’m 98 when i’m only 30 is not fun or appealing!
  • i wish there was something good on tv for all the hours i have been on the couch
  • our chiropractor is awesome – he opened up his office today just for me, and might call me tomorrow to meet me up there too
  • asking for help is hard
  • not being able to pick up my boys is hard

SO there you have it.  My back hurts.  BUT it is a million times better than it was Wed night.  I’m no longer taking pain meds or muscle relaxers.  Hopefully we can figure something out so that I don’t go through this a few times a year.  UGH!


12 responses to “my broke down back

  1. so sorry!!! That stinks but wow, what neat lessons you are learning…oh, yeah, I love when you asked for help here…I loved to show you guys I care by helping…so try to remember that when you are having to ask others to help…


  2. girlie … I am so sorry you are down … I am sorry I haven’t checked in for a while, but school and football started and my butt has officially been kicked … The juggling, the packing to get out the door, and all the whining of the girls for being dragged around the city of Brentwood all day … I am not complaining though just describing … hee hee

    Hope you get better soon …

  3. I’m sorry – praying that all gets better immediately, and completely! much love.

  4. I just found your blog, and I didn’t want to leave without saying how very sorry I am that you are going through this! I will put you on my prayer list, and check back, to see how you are doing! Try to enjoy the down time! blessings to you.

  5. I am so sorry you are hurting. I wish I were there to help. I’ve been really missing you this morning. I almost called you earlier and realized you might still be in bed. I’ll call you later today. A friend of mine from highschool messaged me and said that she has friends from Little Rock who just moved to Austin and are going to Austin Stone! Small world. She sent me their names but I forgot. I’ll let you know in case they come up to you or something. Shannon had read about you on my blog, so she was going to tell them. Feel better Sweet Friend. Love you.

  6. The only saving grace for me when I went down with the ankle injury is it happened during the Olympics…so I had something to watch 24/7; it was great. I hurt for you as I have recent recollection of what it feels like to be useless and dependent on others. We are praying for you.

  7. Hey. I am praying for you. I hope that you are feeling more than better soon. I know these feelings all to well. It has been about 2 years since I have felt it though. Ernest also has back issues. We are one “old” young family.

  8. i really really hope it is nothing serious! but i am glad to hear u are doing much better

  9. austinstoneprayer

    are you going to the morning services? i’m going to lay hands on you girl and pray! enough of this!

  10. How are your kiddos in Haiti after Hurricane Gustav went through? Did everyone fare alright or do you know?

  11. OOHH Jamie!
    I am so sorry you are hurting and having to deal with this! I will be praying for the doc’s wisdom in your treatment and quick healing!
    I know that you guys are 3 hours away, but still, please let me know if you need anything.
    Love ya’ll! 🙂

  12. Jamie, I hope you feel better soon!

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