clean sheets

Last night Aaron and I were making our bed b/c we got a new comforter finally and I told him it didn’t have to be perfect because I was washing sheets tomorrow.

He asked why tomorrow and I told him well we’ve been here 10 days and I wash sheets every week.  He looked rather confused and said “you wash our sheets every week” I replied … “um yes, you didn’t know this”  he confessed he had no idea.

i wash our sheets every week and he had no idea!  i thought that was so funny.  it made me think about things he does that i probably never notice.  what do you do that your hubby is clueless about?

**this is not a bash husband moment – i just thought it was funny!


10 responses to “clean sheets

  1. Nate doesn’t understand why I wash the sheets every week even if they don’t look dirty.

  2. hilarious!

    i LOVE the feel of clean sheets – so does Aaron …. I guess he just didn’t realize I did it every week.

    I knew someone that got a new pillowcase each night. makes sense i guess. 🙂

    funny thing about the sheets for aaron is that if he comes home from a trip or day at the office (ha ha!) and our bed is made and neat he LOVES it!


  3. Oh, as for other clueless things I’ll just say The Big Guy is an Aggie. After almost 10 years of marriage I have learned there is a reason for all those Aggie jokes.

  4. Oh, that’s so funny. My hubby is clueless about most of that too – how I buy clothes on sale for the kids for their next size and then rotate them in, how I have an extra of a common food item in the cupboard so that when he says “we need more X” I say “right here!” I think women make a lot of stuff happen in the home that the men don’t ever really think about!

  5. I have often heard it called “invisible work”…and I have started making a point to appreciate my husband when he does something on my invisible work list…that way he knows I notice his efforts…such as tonight, all of the laundry (except the two grownups in the house) was put away…which is huge…and sooooo sweet!!

  6. My husband doesn’t notice these things either. Every once and a while he may notice that his “underwear” stock is low. He will all of the sudden ask and wonder why he doesn’t have a drawer full as usual. It’s never an indictment on me – he just looks confused and thinks they somehow fill the drawer magically. 🙂

  7. This is so funny! Just recently we have had a change in how our household “works”. My husband has gone back to school so he is at home more. B/c he is at home more he is now doing more of the house cleaning. So now, according to who cleans the kitchen, that is where you will find the dishes. They are never in the same place anymore! It is so funny. But now I know where he puts them and where I put them, so it is kind of back to normal…but not really. 🙂

  8. My husband just discovered last night that everytime I make pot pie, chili, or spaghetti, I make a big batch and freeze half. Guess he found out my secret, huh? We currently have a veggie pot pie, spaghetti, chili, a veggie lasagna, and lentil soup in the freezer… guess we’re good for the next big disaster!

  9. Jessica,

    My husband is a PhD student but he has never caught on to the concept he should do more around the house because he is here more.

  10. If we weren’t married, I don’t think my husband would change the sheets EVER. I think he would be sleeping in filth for years at a time. And I’m sure he has no clue I wash them as often as I do!

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