tour of home.

I love my new house! I love my bedroom, I love my bathroom, I love my patio, I love my living room, I love my office, I love my kitchen … I love it all! I also love that my friend Maris is here! I love her!!!

Here’s a tour for you ….

Here is the dining room that we don’t use. We need a table so that we can feed all of our friends over here! Notice the mirrors on the wall … they are lovely!

Here I am in the “formal living”. That sounds so weird, b/c there is NOTHING formal about Aaron and I!!! Anyhow, this room houses the train set for the boys and this cool new fouton from Ikea. Love it! It is very comfy, looks cute and will be great for YOU to sleep on when YOU come and visit!!!

My boys room …. I can not wait until they get here tomorrow and see this!Β  They are going to love it!Β  I miss them so much and can’t wait for them to be here!

My kitchen ….

Speaking of Maris …. THERE SHE IS!!!! She was about to get ready for bed when I convinced her to help me give you a tour of the house!!!!

Here is our hallway!! My office on the right … & Bush room straight ahead.

It is so much fun having Maris here. It’s like the sister I never had. We get to hang out lots, but still have our own time and give each other space. Love it!

We wanted you to know that we cook great meals for our husband’s 3x’s a day!!! Yes, Maris has on her new apron from Ikea and I have on a Starbuck’s apron from Aaron’s days there!!!

Each morning we all sit down to a lovely healthy breakfast. We discuss the weather, politics and what we should unpack for the day!!!!

Then Maris and I usually spend some time in Aaron’s music room being creative and letting ourselves be free and musical! She is great on the drums, i play a mad piano! Good times.

We then usually head on to our “wifely duties” of doing laundry!! Ugh!

We do have our own showers, and finally have hot water!!!!

Each bathroom is very well stocked with matches for those poops that everyone has!!!!

If either of us get in fights with our husbands we can each retreat to a bed in the kids room. Cayden and Deacon wouldn’t mind us sleeping in their beds with them! Not that we would do that, but just in case!

And … when the guys go out of town, my new bed is big enough that we could crash in there together if we wanted to so that no one would be scared!

So … there is my new house in a nutshell …. I’m sure that after Aaron sees this and is out of his “meeting” on the new porch he’ll insist on some better pictures of what him and Bush do around here all day long!


25 responses to “tour of home.

    this is awesome. we were wondering what the heck you girls were doing…running around with aprons on…taking pictures of everything.

    good times with communal living.

    thanks for having us here!

  2. oh my gosh. you are having way too much fun!!!

    jamie–that pipe is cracking me up! and maris–i have the potholders to match your ikea apron! soooo great!

  3. This post is hillarious! Love it! Seriously it was worth me rising earlier (even though I, um, *should* be having a quite time) than normal, it has put a smile on my face.

    Love the new house! I remember reading about the kitchen & I think I envisioned it smaller than what you (or maybe Aaron described). It looks nice.

    Have fun settling into your new house.


  4. Oh, it’s awesome! We are so there! πŸ™‚ HEY FUTON, HERE WE COME!!!!

  5. Jamie,

    I am sooo excited for you and the house is awesome!! Thank you for inviting us in!


  6. hilarious…. stinkin’ hilarious!

    What??? Aaron stole an apron from SB!!!!

    Someone has to keep these two dude straight… geez…

    Um… my wife and I have been moved into our apt. (which is really small) since June 6th or 9th… or maybe late May cuz I remember sleeping on the air mattress for a long while and sitting on folding chairs… anyway… you guys are way more unpacked then we are. I see one… one box in all those pictures!

    If my wife and I ever come to Texas… we will crash at your house! In fact we are getting on our tricycles and we will be there in about 6 months! πŸ˜‰

    Hey… I found a picture of Aaron’s “new business” that goes along with the matches picture.

  7. Hilarious right down to the matches!!!! And at first I thought Maris WAS actually your sister. Happy Home πŸ™‚

  8. This is SO great & SO funny! Thanks for the tour of your new home. It looks great! Can’t wait to hear new stories from your new home.

  9. Sooooo funny! Matches are a must.

  10. do the boys have a train table or do they need one?

  11. you girls are just CLOWNS… it makes so much sense that you are married to aaron and bush. ahahhha.. meant that in the best way.

  12. love it! hehehehe…this totally cracked me up.

  13. This has been so fun!!!

    At this fun rate you will never want to move apart. I am so happy for you. You have tons of room for those babies to come home to. How awesome.

  14. The futon in the “formal” living room is calling my name!! woo hoo!

  15. You girls make me smile… I loved getting to peek inside and see what happens in a day of the lives of Jamie & Maris! πŸ™‚ It looks like so much fun, you made me want to invite friends to come live with Blake and I! I wonder what he would think about that?!?!? πŸ˜‰

  16. WELCOME TO AUSTIN! Wooo hoooo! We are glad to have yall in the best town in the state! : ) anna melvin

  17. ya’ll are too cute. welcome home.

  18. Fun Jamie!!! Wish we were coming to Austin. 😦 darn it.

    see you soon.


  19. Wow……you need the boys home to occupy your time. You have way too much free time on your hands!!




    I love you and am SO happy for you!

  21. This is hilarious! I can almost hear both of you giggling in these pics.
    Your house is awesome! Congrats!

  22. we miss you guys back at fbc in tn!

    Some of our closest friends from Dallas Seminary are in Austin…Blake and Mary Magee (Aiden, Gracen, Grier and baby on the way). They are super fun if you want to contact them. Their blog is

    We’ll be praying for Amos and Licia to come home soon!

    Much love,
    Mandi Morrow

  23. I can’t wait to sleep on the futon, although Kent I might sneak in bed with Cayden and Deacon. The pictures CRACK ME UP! Ya’ll are so funny and so darn cute!

  24. thehammondfamily

    I love the tour! How FUN! It is so great that you and your friends are truly living in community together!

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