We are here!  I have some random internet right now, so I thought I would at least tell you we are here and getting settled in.  We have our bedroom/bathroom set up.  We just found the box for the kitchen with silver wear, so that is nice.  Still looking for the box of glasses for the kitchen.  The Bush’s are settled in their room!  My office is a wreck and Aaron and Jimmy are setting up the boys bunk beds as I speak!  The living room is done, but oh so empty!

I must get back to unpacking!  Pictures will come as soon as Aaron unpacks his battery to his camera!


6 responses to “Austin.

  1. Awesome. I hope that you are loving your new place and feeling right at home.

  2. Not only am I missing you, but Cayden’s shoe is missing you as well….

  3. yeah!!! welcome back to texas. looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend!

  4. Glad you made it to TX okay.

  5. Glad you have internet (sorta). Excited to keep up with you. Can’t wait to see the bunk beds! Love you!

  6. Glad you are there and getting setteled.

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