Cayden’s tattoo

My kids are bored out of their minds!  They have been FABULOUS during this packing time.  Fabulous!   They just left to go spend the  night and day tomorrow with the Shingleton’s and I’m so excited.  I didn’t dare tell them this is their last time to spend the night there, because Cayden is convinced that Shawnah will be living next door to us in Austin!

I was in the kitchen looking over stuff when Cayden comes out to show me his tattoo.  Oh my goodness this kid gave himself a half-sleeve.  What the heck?


11 responses to “Cayden’s tattoo

  1. Oh my word.

  2. hahaha! cayden is a clever kiddo!

  3. LOL, didn’te he paint himself like a bear recently?

  4. Ha Ha to funny. Glad it is yours and not mine.

  5. that’s awesome!

  6. I saw what I think were the remains of Cayden’s tatoo at church last night.
    I ran by your house this afternoon to say goodbye. Just taking a chance you guys might be there – nothing but bark… Are ya’ll leaving the dog?

    Hope you guys enjoy Austin. I know your parents will be glad you’re “home”. I’ll check in the blog for updates.

    Love you guys,
    Amy Goen

  7. A lot less painful than the real thing – for him at least!

  8. You might want to go knock on the neighbor’s door! It might be me!
    I loved having the boys. They are the perfect! We are going to miss you guys so much! Tears are flowing in the Shingleton house! I woke up wondering where you had made it to so far…WOW! It’s going to be different around here.
    We love you and are praying for you in Austin. I know God is going to do great things through your ministry there.

  9. my husband just informed me that aaron and bush went to hbu. we did too. did you go there or somewhere else? i feel a new connection… haha.

  10. I hope you guys are getting settled! I spent the day with your boys and Shawna the other day. Shawna broke my heart as she sat watching the boys swim with tears running down her face!!! I know she is excited for you guys though. Keep in touch…..keep the posts coming!

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