cut on the head.

Deacon got hit in the head today with a block.  No adult was in the room, but it did freak me out when Deacon walked into the living room holding his head and blood streaming down his face through his hand and on the floor.  Yeap it was gross.

Story was told by both boys that Cayden threw a block and hit Deacon in the head.  Cayden says he was throwing it towards the bed, but missed and instead hit his brother on the top of the head.  I really don’t think Cayden would do that on purpose, but instead just had a really bad aim.

Tonight Bush was over and Deacon was showing him his injury.  We told Cayden to tell him what happened and he told him that a block bumped into Deacon’s head.  Oh really?  You didn’t throw that block that bumped into his head???

Crazy kids.


2 responses to “cut on the head.

  1. Sounds like one those things when the truth will only come out when the reach 20 or so.

  2. Did it need sutures?? I know this nurse and she….. 😉

    Hope he heals quickly!

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