Chapman family on GMA

I have been following Jim Houser’s blog for a while now.  He works closely with Steven Curtis Chapman.
Tomorrow morning Steven and Mary Beth Chapman will be on Good Morning America talking with Robin about the tragic accident that took their daughter Maria on May 21.  Click here for a preview of the interview.

They will also be on Larry King Live this week as well.


2 responses to “Chapman family on GMA

  1. I am constantly reading Jim’s blog as well. Would you consider taping any/all of the Chapman appearances if you get a chance? We (obviously) won’t get them here in Chile, and I would dearly love to be able to hear what they have to say. By the way, tonight I was visiting the Shaohannah’s Hope site and saw your family’s picture and testimony! I thought, I know those people! Too cool. (:

  2. It was beautiful! I think they did an amazing job! Yolanda said that they are going to be on Larry King Live tonight.

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