house in Austin

Yippee!!! We have been approved for the house in Austin that we wanted! I’m not sure why we were worried, but you are always thinking in the back of you mind …. what if they don’t pick us!

So … in two weeks this family will be Texans again.

For all my Austin readers out there I need some help.  Email me all your favorites.  All your must-do places, all your favorite things about Austin!

I need pediatricians, doctors, dentist, sports for kids, swim lessons, vets, hair salons, MDO, hole in the wall restaurants, running trails …. you get the idea.  I want to know what you LOVE there.  Our house is North Central Austin.  Lamar and Parmer … I think … I’m not certain on the streets!

thanks guys!  jamie at aaronivey dot com


10 responses to “house in Austin

  1. whoo hoo! Come on back to Texas! I don’t know much about Austin so I can’t help you out there, but we’ll be praying the move goes smoothly and all goes well with transitioning into the new house!

  2. Congrats to you!!! 🙂

  3. North Lamar and Braker 🙂

  4. see … i knew i didn’t know the streets!!!

    thanks love.

  5. I think this may make me a huge dork – seeing that I don’t even live in Austin. I am an Austin wannabe. But we LOVE that city and we are proud slumlords to an old fourplex off South Congress and Willowrun, which gives us a good excuse to visit. Anyways, this is the list I compiled when our friends visited and asked for recommendations:


    Guerros – family friendly outdoor eating in the “oak garden” with live music every night, one of the reasons I want to move to Austin!

    Uchi – sleek sushi bar with a creative menu and funky vibe

    Spider House Cafe & Patio – the perfect little coffee spot, rated “best place to sit in Austin”

    Chuys – cute Mexican restaurant, Austin local favorite, casual (lunch), several locations

    Hula Hut – cute, casual restaurant right on Lake Travis, beautiful views, Islands-type food, perfect lunch spot for checking out the lake

    Austin Java – sweet local spot for coffee and great food, funky decor, Mark’s favorite in Austin, good breakfast, fire pit & smores at night

    Magnolia Cafe – electice restaurant, good food, awesome pancakes, huge menu, near downtown, open 24 hours for after our partying on 6th street 🙂


    pub-crawl on 6th street :

    Ivory Cat Tavern – rock-n-roll piano bar. Need I say more? On 6th street

    Cedar Street – “an urban indoor/outdoor martini nightclub located in the heart of the Warehouse District”, live outdoor music


    Lake Travis – actually part of the rivier that runs through downtown, great walking trails

    Zilker Park – beautful park near downtown, the “Central Park” of Austin

    Downtown – Whole Foods, Book People, shops, lofts, 6th street bars

    University area – artsy shops and coffehouses

    South Congress – tons of electic shops and restaurants

    Hill Country – wineries, rivers, and acres of beautiful land south of Austin

  6. Congrats on the new place! Sounds like an exciting move!

  7. Thanks for the emails guys … keep em’ coming!

    One thing that almost everyone has said is that their favorite restaurant is Hula Hut.

    We’ll be hitting that one up soon!

  8. We lived about 3 miles from there on the opposite side of I-35. Starseeds Cafe’ is a hole in the wall diner near UT campus under the double decker part of I-35. VERY good breakfast all day long!

  9. Definitely Hula Hut…although it is usually packed-out on the weekends.

    I didn’t see anyone mention Kirby Lane (for 24hr breakfast) and Trudy’s (great food…cheap…great vibe) — both right off Lamar, just North of campus.

    Lots of cool hole-in-the-wall shops everywhere!

    Amy’s Ice Cream (an Austin original), and Freebirds.

    **I think the “theme” is food here!! : )

    -Town Lake (for kayaking, running, bat-watching)

    -Barton Springs (for year-round outdoor swimming!)

  10. we don’t live in austin but wish we did…my sister lives in austin & we have other family there as well. i believe the above mentioned restaurants are good. we always eat at magnolia and there are tons of other great places. there are so many more great places…you guys will enjoy discovering it all.

    hailey at salon intuition is who i’d recommend for your hair care. 2 out of the last 3 hair cuts i’ve gotten have been in austin by hailey. hailey has been cutting my sister’s hair since she was in college. you & my siter have a mutual friend…she was glenna’s maid of honor(so you can trust us) hailey is the owner of salon intuition and she and her staff are super cool.

    Neighborhood: Hyde Park
    4616 Triangle Ave
    Ste 401
    Austin, TX 78751
    (512) 323-0880

    good luck to the iveys.

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