moving day.

This was our family when we moved to Nashville 5 years ago.

Stay tuned in then next few weeks for our moving day picture for moving back home to TX.

We found a house yesterday.  We sent off our application and all that jazz today.  Hopefully they’ll say yes and let us live in their house!  I’ll keep you up to date with all that.

I hate packing.  We are looking at moving in two weeks from tomorrow.  That means if we start NOW we can pack, and throw away and donate all in one.  I am determined to not move anything I don’t need or haven’t used in a year!  Should I even open up those few boxes that haven’t been opened since we moved in this house almost four years ago?

Got any packing and/or moving secrets for me?  Bring em on.


8 responses to “moving day.

  1. packing secret #1: NO WALMART BAGS. 🙂

    can’t wait for you guys to be living in texas soon!!!!!

  2. I think BUSH would never be my friend again if I pulled that one on him again!

    For all you people that don’t know the story …. when Aaron and I moved to our first house here that we were renting we moved in entirely wal mart bags. Yeap i was not even into recycling then, but talk about making the most of them!

    we had a one month old. i could not pack. i did not want to pack. of course aaron was on the road. we waited until the last minute and that’s how we packed. we made a couple trips in the RV with it loaded with Wal-Mart bags and I think Bush and Jimmie were cussing me out the entire time.

    they are still mad about it!!! no bags this time!

  3. We just recently moved and I don’t have much advice that you don’t already know. I threw out a lot of stuff as we packed and even more after unpacking. I know you are excited about your new adventure. 🙂

  4. wow. that picture is amazing. just a few years later and how much your picture has changes…no kids to kids…

    i love it.

  5. SCORE! You found a house! and hopefully in two weeks we’ll be seeing more of ya!

  6. My husband and i just moved and I was not entirely happy with the packing/moving process. So…I looked up some tips for you. Check out this website. It has got more packing/moving info and tips than you will need.

    Hope it helps! Happy moving!

  7. condense! And use your luggage to your advantage…moving boxes on wheels! and put things inside of other things…socks in shoes, use purses etc…

    And yeah, no grocery bags. I can see why that would be an “interesting” way to move.
    Good luck! Enjoy it, hopefully it will be your last time moving with only 2 kiddos…

  8. Okay, I had to tell yout this story about my friend here. They moved a couple times and had some boxes that they’d never opened in about five years. The husband said “if we’ve not missed what’s in there, surely it can’t be that important. We should throw it out!” The wife said “we can’t just throw it out without looking inside!” So after a lot of back and forth they decided to open it up…and dum dum dum, inside was their marriage licence, their birth certificates, all that stuff! Of course I’m sure yours aren’t in a box somewhere, what with adoption stuff going on, but the point is, LOOK in the boxes before you throw them out!

    Good luck moving! Make sure to post pics of your new house!

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