1/2 of my family.

1/2 of my heart is in Haiti with these two sweetie pie kids.


7 responses to “1/2 of my family.

  1. Beautiful picture….
    just a question.. are you nervous going from a 2 to 4 kiddos?

  2. i actually haven’t thought about that very much! i just want them home!


  3. Understood! (i’ve been contemplating 4 myself and people told me I was crazy but I was going from 1 to 4 …different scenario than you). anywho… was just curious

    … praying with you that they’ll be home soon!

  4. I want them home for you too. They are so adorable!

  5. I can’t wait to see them again.

  6. I want them HOME with YOU too! Praying…

  7. This is a PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS picture!!!!! I cannot wait for them to be with you.

    Good luck moving…did that a few months ago! YUCK!!! =0)

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