beach day #5

Today makes full day #5 of the beach.  I love the beach/pool, but if we could skip today I would be so happy.  I’m just tired and want to lay on the couch all day and sleep, read, eat, sleep, sleep, eat, read, watch tv.  BUT I have two boys that are napping now that I promised the pool, so the pool it will be soon!

We’re having a great time.  Here are some thoughts right now.  I don’t have the energy to do a real post, so here are random things in my head.

  • I miss Amos and Story.  I lay on my couch and gaze out the window to the ocean.  The same ocean that if I got in a boat I could eventually get to my kids.  They are out there.  I want to go to them right now and bring them to the beach with me.  How much fun would Amos have??!!!  And Story in a sweet little bathing suit, oh my!
  • Aaron is a great dad.  He HATES the sun, the beach and the pool, but every day he is out at the pool with the boys throwing them around and they love it!  They have no idea he doesn’t like the water!
  • church camps at the beach perplex me.
  • this week i have felt as though people were looking at our family funny.  i don’t think i was just feeling it, i think it was really  happening.  it didn’t make me feel good.
  • our house is getting inspected on friday.  pray that there is nothing HUGE that would keep them from buying it.
  • today is 12 weeks in IBESR – not that i’m counting, just letting you know!
  • i’m ready to find a house in austin.
  • i’m tired.
  • deacon will be a drummer when he grows up.
  • still not eating meat.  kinda hard at camp.  last night was hot dogs and hamburgers.  i ventured across the street and had a veggie burger and sweet potatoe fries.  yummy!   aaron ended up at bonefish afterwards with friends.  i think he got the better deal.
  • speaking of bonefish … aaron took me out the other night.  we had a great date night.  love that guy so much!
  • i have a fever blister.  got it the first day of camp.  probably from the sun. HATE these things.
  • i have had a canker sore in my mouth for about 10 days now.  what the heck?  it hurts so bad and i can’t eat unless i have numbing medicine on it.  UGH!
  • this is SPUR58’s last camp ever.  ever.  ever.  i kinda got teary-eyed this morning watching them all play together.  what a great 5 years this has been!

okay off to nap before the kids get up ready for the pool!  i’ll leave you with some pics.


12 responses to “beach day #5

  1. Your last camp ever? That’s kind of sad! But a new season awaits! If you gargle some salt water and it will make that canker sore stop growing and it will begin to go away.

  2. OK, CRAZY!!! I have a fever blister, too. I have had it for about 2 weeks. Conn slaps my hand every time I go near it. 🙂 It drives me crazy! And….our house is getting inspected tomorrow. It has been on the market since Oct.

    Looks like y’all are having a great time at the beach. Hope next week is just a fun!

  3. How adorable is your family?! Hope you are enjoying that sun! 🙂

  4. Amanda, I got the funniest picture of Jamie running out to the ocean, and gargling a huge gulp of salt water! lol! That was honestly my first thought – too funny……

    Jamie – you guys have been all over my heart and mind, and in my prayers. I did not realize it was the very last spur camp. Have I mentioned lately how very much these guys have ministered to me, and mine?!!! I also have been touched often by the fact that your family is still not all on the same piece of land. I believe it is coming, and coming soon. Please Lord! I am praying fervently for all to go well in the inspection – and to complete to closing! Soon you will be in my very own state! I love you so……

  5. Have you ever seen the SPF chapstick stuff? Ernest will get a cold sore if he is out in the beach sun unless he uses that stuff.

  6. i get cold sores… BOO! abreva works great–it’s a topical cream. acyclovir is an oral pill that REALLY knocks them out. my dentist prescribed it. mine used to last like 3 weeks start to finish, and now they last less than a week. 🙂 just thought i’d spread the good news in case you haven’t already heard.

  7. Jaime– are yall house hunting in austin already? without being here first hand? is there any way I can help you in that? email me…

  8. Hey, you can take the vitamin L-Lysine and your canker sore will be gone in like 48 hours. You can get it in tablet form at any drug or grocery store. You can get it in powder form (to mix in health drinks and such) at specialty stores like GNC. Some people take it daily to completely avoid canker sores all together.


  9. Hey, beach bum! I know what you mean about looking out over the ocean and knowing your kids are just “over there!” Every time I take the girls to the beach, we blow kisses to our kids in Haiti across the ocean. Last week I was in Haiti and I got to take our Haitian son to the beach. We blew kisses back across the ocean to my girls back home. Ah… someday, we won’t be blowing kisses ‘cross the ocean anymore… we’ll be splashing in the waves TOGETHER! Praying that both our families are united SOON!

  10. wait.. why is this spur 58’s last camp please post another blog telling why

    i love spur 58

  11. great pictures … DID SOMEONE SAY NAP ??? Wish i could get miss priss to nap here … bring me home some sand … I HEART THE BEACH TOO … perhaps when we are old and no kids at home we could take a beach trip together and just hang !!! oh that would be so fun !!!

    always praying for you babies here !!!

  12. Great picture of you and your sweetie. Your beautiful!! Oh and I can so relate with the people looking at us. It is like they are trying to figure it all out. Lauren looks almost Haitian so most people figure out that we adopted her. I had a woman ask me if she was from Asia the other day. I had to laugh and about loose it when she said it?? People are so strange sometimes. It is mostly good stuff for us, but we do have some weird stuff happen too.. Take care

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