i heart the beach.

I LOVE coming to the beach.  It is not even the sand so much, but just the idea.  I love to wake up in the  morning and head to the balcony with a good book and a cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds and sights that are the beach.  I love the noise from the water.  I love the smell of sand.  I love the smell of sun tan lotion.  I LOVE the pool.  I love to lay out in the sun.  I love to read a book by the pool.  I love to fall asleep sunbathing and wake up with drool b/c it has been such a hard sleep.  I love the glistening of sweat from the sun at the pool.

My husband HATES everything about the beach.  If the kids and I were not here for these two camps he would honestly NEVER EVER step foot on the beach, at the pool, or even in the direction of the beach.  He is white as white and doesn’t tan, so the schedule of sunscreen drives him insane.  He wrote all about his hatred of the beach here.

We are different in these areas.  BUT we make it work.  He comes with me every once in a while and tries to not bitch the whole time.  He LOVES playing with the kids at the pool, so that helps.  I try not to expect him to be down there with me the whole time!  I try to wait until at least 9:30 before asking to go to the beach!

We are alike.  We are different.  We make it work and we have fun!!!!

What do you love but your hubby/wife hates???  I love these conversations!


13 responses to “i heart the beach.

  1. You guys are cracking me up with those beach posts! I think one thing that I love that Aus hates is the Oprah Show… yes sometimes its a bit much but for the most part I love the topics that she picks.. I love learning new and interesting things… but I HATE to watch with Aus in the room… I get snide remarks the whole hour long! 🙂

  2. Jesse loves to fish. I HATE to fish. I think it is such a waste of time because I never catch anything AND he throws back what he catches. So…he fishes and I try not to complain when he fishes…

  3. i’m so glad someone FINALLY spoke up! i love everything you love about the beach… especially the drool. that’s when you know it was a really good nap!

    okay. now everyone needs to stop talking about the beach because i’m starting to go through withdrawls. i mean, a couple of days here at the pool is nice, but it doesn’t even compare the the beach!!!

    i hope you guys have a blast and make some great family memories! 🙂

  4. I LOVE running. It makes me feel sane. My husband hates it. H-A-T-E-S. I tried to get him to do a half marathon with me once and he flat our refused. He said the minute he runs three steps he is thinking about how much he hates it. When we get old I will be in shape and he will be a fat lard.

  5. Heather Sepulveda

    Mark LOVES going to the movies. Any movie at any time. He can just pull up to the movie theatre and see next movie that is showing.
    Me, not so much. I actually don’t like going at all. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good movie and do like taking Reagan to see a kid movie- but since Ryan has been born, Mark & I don’t get “out” much together without our girls. Whether its with just friends or just the two of us, I can probably count on one and half hands when that has happened over the last year and a half.
    Why spent money and two hours of time time looking at a screen? I can watch TV at home. I want to interact, have great conversations and see faces!
    We’ve had some fights about this and I can compromise but I don’t see it as “quality time” together.

  6. My husband loves golf and I hate it. I can think of a million things I would rather do with 5 hours and 50 bucks. Just this week he said that all he wanted for his birthday was for me to take a golf lesson with him. I am SO bummed I might have to do this for him. 😦

    We also have really, REALLY different taste in music. But we make it work!

  7. Jamie
    I love the beach too! Laura has a great story ’bout her and I at the beach!!! Have her tell you! I’ve been a blog lurker of yours for awhile…I feel like I know you so well…but I don’t comment all that much so I decided that’s my new thing…leave a comment 🙂 Hope all is well, and maybe when I come to Austin to visit Laura we can all get together!!!

  8. I hate, hate, hate, “The Deadliest Catch”. Kent could watch this show NON STOP!! I HATE it. Why would anyone want to do that, or MORE…want to WATCH that! Who gives a “poo poo” (I REALLY want to say the other word, oh ya, I can cuz Jamie said bitch) about fishing for crab??? I know this may not seem like it’s an important thing to worry about in or marriage, but…you only have to deal with the beach a few times a year…golf is mainly a weekend thing…movies are usually a weekend thing…even Oprah is only on once a day…but the dang Deadliest Catch can be seen on some channel hour after hour after hour!!!! Okay, I won’t complain anymore! He has taken me to the beach this week, which we both LOVE!!

  9. I love flea markets.
    My husband doesn’t.

    I love the beach.
    My husband loves the mountains.

    I love West West Texas (really West).
    My husband loves Colorado.

    I love warm weather.
    My husband loves cold weather.

    Somehow we have managed to stay together for 23 years exactly. Today is our anniversary. : )

  10. Oh girl I am with ya. I love love LOVE the beach! Hubs hates staying home, he’d rather go out. I’m a homebody. 🙂 I love staying home and watching movies. ps – I’ve tagged you. 🙂 Come visit my blog!

  11. I LOVE to watch figure skating during the Olympics. This is a throwback to when I was 8 and would put socks on and dance around on the wood floor. Hubbie LOATHES ice skating. Watching it makes him feel all gay and vulnerable. I hate watching Discovery channel. He loves it. Somehow we make this all work.

  12. Hi Jamie,
    This is Tracey form Cedarville Ohio. The picture drawing, adoring your kids, talks a mile a minute Tracey. Loved meeting you and your boys and hearing your story. We will be praying for Amos and Story to make it home soon.
    I love the beach. My whole family loves the beach! I think we love it because it means vacation ot us. Thats when we let our hair down. NO make-up, no school work, no jobs. Our only schedule is when are we going to the beach, what time to we eat and is there any good shopping around.
    Hey, gotta go, it’s time for my RUN!

  13. i love the outdoors, but scott likes the inside .. we do the beach well together, because he likes sand and ocean, but hates TN BUGS … I love to go to the movies, but because of his height he hates the movies … BUT WE LOVE LOVE EACH OTHER …

    How is Redeeming Love … best book i have ever read … I have another fiction book for ya … A Rush Of Wings by Kristen Heitzmann

    I am going to try that new drink … what is the name ?? it is hard to read in the picture ??? where do you get them ??? i really need to get rid of my diet mt. dew !

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