off to the beach

Today we’re leaving for another beach trip.  Man, I love my husband’s job!  I hardly ever travel with him, but if he’s heading to the beach …. I’m in!!!

We’re going to be enjoying the sand in panama city, fl.  Well, the boys and I will be enjoying it.  Aaron hates the beach.  Oh well!  I love it!

We plan on enjoying the beach, the boys, and hopefully squeezing in a mommy-daddy-date in there somewhere too!!!  Those are the best in beach towns!

I’ll be enjoying my new book REDEEMED by Francine Rivers.  Many of you suggested it and I’m enjoying it so far and am only about 50 pages in.

Hope your week is fabulous!

5 responses to “off to the beach

  1. If you end up enjoying this Francine Rivers book, then I have to recommend her Mark of the Lion trilogy – definitely her best of all that I’ve read!

    Angela Suh 🙂

  2. Redeeming Love, maybe? Hannah’s read that a couple times and really loved it. One of her all time favorites, I think.

    Have fun at the beach!

  3. You have a great time. I am in the end of The Shack. I am sitting here looking through all the paperwork that I need to get for our home study.

  4. we were there last year, and had a blast. Hope you all have a great time!

  5. oooh, I’m jealous! Have fun at the beach. . be warned though. . you’ll be up LATE reading that one. It’s a page turner and tops my lists as one of my FAVES! Please plan to blog about it when you are done. . it’s THAT good!


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