two adoption tid-bits

#1  A great announcement … another couple that I know is adopting from Haiti!  Jason & Sarah Hyatt have taken the plunge and are going to start the process to adopting two children from Haiti.  So, head over to their blog and encourage them.  Tell them you are excited for them and give them any advice that you might have.  I don’t think they have chosen an agency or anything, so they are still figuring that one out.

That makes 6 children that will be adopted from the people that went to Haiti with us in May!  I love it!

#2  my blog-world friend, Heidi, recently posted about another way to help with the financial responsibilities associated with adoption.  Go and check it out.


One response to “two adoption tid-bits

  1. Just found out this week that my friends at Pandapalooza are starting the process to bring a son home from Haiti!!!

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