Random Sunday evening facts.

Random Sunday evening facts:

  • Found someone to watch our dog – THANKS SUSAN AND MARIO!!!!
  • Drove to Ohio today with the kids and Maris.  We followed the SPUR van and the kids were …. well they’ve been better before.  For some reason today they were working my nerves lots.  Not sure if it was being held up in the car all day, or the lack of daddy, or what.
  • Someone looked at our house today.  They want to buy it!  Praise God!  We will end up making a LOT less then we wanted to, but we’re happy to be moving on!  Pray it continues to move forward!  Funniest thing is that the potential buyer is the same lady we bought it from almost four years ago.  Hilarious!
  • Deacon is my hard child.  Anyone have one that is harder than the other one.  Actually they are both hard in their own way, but today Deacon was my hardest.  He is so dang cute and hilarious, but also very strong willed and care free.  For him to get in trouble doesn’t bother him at all.  If he has to sit in time-out he smiles.  If he has to get a spanking he laughs.  What will I do with this child?  Any suggestions.
  • I’m in a hotel room in Ohio lonely b/c the love of my life is in Austin.  He’ll be flying here tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see him!
  • Took the boys swimming tonight.  They had lots of fun and did great.  For the first time every Cayden “swam” about 3 feet by himself with his life jacket on and me not holding him.  I was a SUPER proud mom.  He was pretty proud of himself too!
  • Tomorrow starts camp.  I love Student Life and look forward to hanging this week and hearing “daddy song”!

Here are two of my three boys being super silly!

Can’t wait to have three boys being silly!!!

8 responses to “Random Sunday evening facts.

  1. Love & Logic.

    It’s gold for mommies.

    They have a book just for the younger years (ages 2-6).

    Gold, I tell you. GOLD!

  2. hope that book works for ya, if so, let me know. We have a challenging child too. Wonderful news on the house thingy! Have a great time with camp…

  3. Oh, YES. . my Gracie is definitely my hardest child! Difficult and extremely emotional. I have to stay consistent ALL of the time which is lovely. I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard Lisa Welchel’s book, “Creative Correction” is really good b/c it helps you come up with alternative disciplines when spanking or time out aren’t seeming to work. . how about you get it and tell us how it is?! he he

    Have fun this week! What a fun thing to do. I love how you wrote 2 of my 3 boys. I remember before Davis was home when people would ask me how many kids I had and I would want to explain that not everyone was here. I remember that ache. I pray that Sept comes soon and even more that homecoming day comes soon too!


  4. “Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelson. We tried Love and Logic at school this year, really cool premise, didn’t always work. I like Positive Discipline because it’s about providing logical consequences that the kiddo will understand, and tailored to their specific personality (as opposed to a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all technique that a lot of other books use).

  5. totally love your hair, jamie. hope you have a great visit with the guys!!!

  6. Glad you are having fun Jamie!! Carson is doing great…he and Tucker play ALL THE TIME…it wears me out!! ha ha
    He is being a good boy:)

  7. Are you still In Oh? I could come hang out with you with my crazy two boys and my into every cabinet 1 yr old. Hang in there!!! Praying for you!!

  8. Found your blog through Liz Seay’s and I check it every now and then. Your boys are so handsome and I am inspired by your adoption stories. Thanks for sharing.


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