Ronel’s family!

Okay Licia said on her blog that RONEL HAS A FAMILY!!! I am SO HAPPY for this little boy and for his family that will be adopting him! They will surely be blessed by him.

SO … if it’s your family … would you let me know. Licia’s lips are sealed and won’t tell!!!!

UPDATE:  Ronel’s family is so wonderful!  Congrats to the Parker family!  Debra went to Haiti with me in May and who knew her family would be here now.  I am so happy for them.  I know exactly where they are with the emotions they are feeling!!!!  So happy for them!!!!

7 responses to “Ronel’s family!

  1. haitirescuecenter

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. read your blogs & you’ll find out who it is 🙂 you’ll be doing the happy dance!!

  3. love this.

    Rachel…Let’s all take a minute to do the happy dance together…

  4. Can you believe it? So Amazing! 🙂

  5. doing the happy dance for sure!!!! So happy for the PARKER family!!!!


  6. I love Debra- (never met Ernest) I know that God will use them in a HUGE way in his life….thats awesome!

  7. hooray!!! ronel is such a loved little boy already!

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