a great day!

Today was a good day.  Aaron got home last night and things are just better when daddy is home!  The kids were up in our room super early b/c they knew who they would find in mommy’s bed today!  They were not disapointed when they arrived upstairs!

Aaron let me sleep until 10:15!  How sweet of him!  Then I headed to do one of my most favorite things ever.  I got my haircut!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my haircut.  I love the wash, I love the blow dry, I love the combing,I love the styling.  I LOVE the smells of product when she uses them …. b/c I never have money to buy them!

Sarah did another great job as I wanted to experiment with different bangs than I’ve had before.  I think I like them.  What do you think?  Do I look older?  Like, 30????  She told me I look younger, but I think she was just being nice, since she is pushing about 23 possibly!!!

We took the boys to the park today.  So much fun!!!  They love to play at the park.

We frantically got our house ready in 30 minutes for a last minute showing.  Maybe, just maybe they fell in love with the house!

We ate at Macaroni Grill, yummy!  Ice cream from Maggie Moo’s.  More Yummy!

Now Aaron and I are vegging out on the couch watching David Letterman.

I have a friend at home that loves me so much.  He sleeps with me.  He sits by me on the couch.  He lays on the bathroom floor when I shower.  He follows me everywhere.  Carson loves me!  We have recently become better friends.  I think that might be because I put him on a leash when I take him outside so he can’t run off.  I like him when he stays close and doesn’t have me running after him down the street!

Hope you had a great 3rd of July!

** Aaron just walked outside and yelled at the neighbors for shooting off fireworks at 11 PM!!  I was so embarrassed!  We will surely have fireworks on our porch tonight!  We are so old!


8 responses to “a great day!

  1. your hair looks wonderful!

    I am so excited to get my haircut this weekend. We will be in Springfield, MO where my favorite hairstylist is. I understand your love for a cut. I hope to have some great pictures.

  2. I love it, you look beautiful. I worked at a beauty shop so I understand the love. I had every haircut and color known to man lol.

  3. I like the hair. Is your husband a firefightere. Mine is, and the girls know when to expect him too. I am glad you had a good day, getting a hair cut is pretty nice. Good luck with selling the house, Lord knows we understand that too. hang in there, eventually it will sell!

  4. love it!

  5. I love getting a haircut too! Must be something about being the centre of attention for that few minutes!

  6. Heather Sepulveda

    Your hair looks great!!

    When you started talking about your friend that sleeps with you and sits with you on the couch, I at first thought you were talking about Aaron. You then mentioned him lying on the bathroom floor while you shower. Ok. Weird. A little obsessive, maybe kinda creepy. Not sure what I would think about Mark lying in the bathroom floor while I showered.
    Then it kicked in your were talking about your dog. Got it. 🙂

    Happy 4th!

  7. Your hair looks great! A couple of months ago I decided to cut my bangs, and I had so many comments on how I looked ten years younger. Having just celebrated my 44th B-day, I’m sticking with the short bangs!

  8. i love your hair too!! ha ha–I thought you were talking about aaron too! i was a little creeped out that he laid at your shower door while you took showers. that makes me laugh…glad it’s carson not your husband 🙂

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