thanks for your love.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and encouragement on my recent blog about adoption being so hard.  You are all super sweet and I really do COVET  your prayers and encouragement.

Today has been a hard day.  It wasn’t until 2:30 that I even got out of my jammies and into the shower.  I have had lots of chocolate today and that makes me smile!  I just got on my skimpiest bikini and I’m heading out to our pool aka ‘the purple elephant pool’ to get some rays, watch my boys have fun, relax and read a good book.  Don’t worry I don’t wear this bathing suit out in public for a few reasons … #1 I have birthed a child and don’t exercise enough to shed the belly jiggle and #2 i love chips & salsa too much to shed the belly jiggle!!!  Oh and all the chocolate I’ve had today doesn’t help either!  My boys don’t judge me and i like that about them!!!

So, I have decided to pick myself up by my boot-straps and not be down about our adoption.  God is in control.  I do know that.  It is just harder to tell yourself that and believe that when things don’t look the way you “think” they should look.

If you have called today and I haven’t answered, please bear with me.  I just cry every time I talk about this, so give me a day and then we’ll catch back up tomorrow.  🙂

So, today is still the day that God has made.  I still have two beautiful boys here that need a mommy that isn’t stuck on the couch all day crying.  I am going to try and choose to trust and believe, instead of doubt and worry.  Not easy, but minute by minute we’ll try to make that choice.

One thing that has made me happy and smile all day long is the fact that there is a family in Haiti TODAY picking up their son.  They have had a hard, long road and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Seriously it has been long and hard to get their son.  T & J, I am SO HAPPY for you guys.  I woke up this morning thinking of you and what this day holds for you!  I would give you all the link to their blog, but it’s private, so you must trust me when I say this is a VERY HAPPY day for this family!!!

Love to you all, and thanks so much for your encouragement!  83 more days until I see my kids in Haiti!


12 responses to “thanks for your love.

  1. I’m praying right now for you. That whatever has happened to discourage you on this road will take a turn for good!

    You pulled a heartstring with me and your entry about missed moments. I’ve had several of those thoughts…God bless you.

  2. Hey Jamie,

    Wow…I just had read your “adoption is hard” post and started praying. I then felt so badly for you and Aaron….and wondered how best to help. Prayer is what I have to offer and will continue in that.

    So…I go check my other mail, and come back to your blog and you are stepping right out there in your strong faith…God is already answering prayer. He is so very good and loves you, Aaron, Cayden, Deacon, Amos and Story sooo much!!!

    United in prayer with you guys,

  3. I just read Aaron’s blog and wanted to let you know that I will lift your family up in my prayers. I so much want these two special kids in your arms here in the United States! I keep checking your blog every day for that “we’re packing our bags and bringing our kids home!”. You just keep trusting our Lord. He will give you the strength and peace to know that HE IS IN CONTROL, not the Haitian government. =) So, you just relax (I know, that is hard), and enjoy your boys and get some sun rays for me too. =)
    Praying for you,

  4. Good Job, Stay strong! Trust me when I say, I know how hard this is, but God is in control!

  5. oh, sweet friend i just got caught up on your blog … i am speechless because i know your hearts and i know how much you love these two precious children … i will pray for your family … i will pray for a miracle … i really don’t know what else to say, but i love you !!!!!!

  6. We are believing God that Amos and Story will be in your arms soon! Whatever the set back is I know it hasn’t shocked God off the throne and he’s moved so much for you guys with these 2 that I’m pleading on your behalf that he remove the barriers and that your faith is strengthened in the process. we are praying for your heart as you walk through this time!

  7. Hi Jamie – my name is Angela and my husband is on staff at the Austin Stone – Anna Melvin told me to check out your blog. Wow – I have appreciated reading about your hard walk through this process and look forward to hopefully being able to talk to you about it in person at some point. Halim and I are interested in adopting and I already am learning through your story that we will need to be ready for both celebrations and heartaches along the way. Thank you for sharing . .

    Angela Suh

  8. Hi there Jaimie, I read your blog often i found through a friend of mine who is also adopting from Haiti. My dad visited Haiti a couple of months ago to visit a co-worker missionary. (she is with our same mission) Haiti for some reason has captured my heart. I just wanted to let you know that I might not know you but I am praying for you and for your 2 children that you are trying to get home. Your love for them is very obvious. So just know I’m praying.

  9. I am so praying. God is bigger than whatever is going on and He CAN and WILL move the mountains out of the way. You just hold on to Him, and you are right just take it minute by minute. Love ya girl

  10. Jamie-

    Keep your faith!!!! There were many days that I ate too much chocolate and ice cream!!!!!! 🙂 Jonas’s medical visa was denied twice. He was supposed to be with us by the latest, November of ’07. I just picked him up 7 weeks ago from GLA. You will get your children home, and once they are in your arms, the labor pains of adoption will be a fleeting thought. I am praying for you in Indiana, and am sending my love from a mother’s heart who has been there…

    your children are BEAUTIFUL, and I love seeing pics of them on Licia and lori’s blogs.

  11. Jamie & Aaron-

    If you only knew how MANY mountains had to be moved to bring our three home to us…

    We will commit to praying alongside you until these kids are HOME with you. Every Wednesday from now until they’re home, gather a group online to fast and pray specifically for your babies in Haiti.

    Here is the verse my friend/prayer warrior Heather gave us early on in our process. We claimed it until our kids were home with us on American soil…

    Psalm 97:5
    The mountains melt like wax before the LORD,
    before the Lord of all the earth.

    LORD, we are expecting you to MELT THE MOUNTAINS! And as my friend Heather always says, “Do it, Lord!”

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