Adoption is hard.

This morning I got an email that didn’t have the best news in it.  It wasn’t the worst news by any means, but it was a sudden reminder that these kids ARE NOT OURS YET and nothing is certain in Haiti.  I will not be reassured until these kids are on an airplane with us flying to the states.  Adoption is scary and hard and honestly I don’t have the words to say to you about this so I’m just copying this from Aaron’s blog.  I appreciate your prayers and comments.

Here is what Aaron said on his blog today.  It sums up all of our thoughts and desires right now:

if anyone ever tells you adoption is easy, you should punch them in the face. it’s not. it’s complex, difficult, emotional, and sometimes painful. getting punched in the face is easy.

i’m kinda speechless today. only this: we really need YOUR prayer… at this point, it is going to take a MIRACLE for this adoption of our Haitian children to happen. i can’t really go into the details on here, but….gosh…. things are… it’s just that the hurdles of getting them here are becoming gigantic. it’s just setting in that they are not ours yet, and at this point it will take the miraculous work of God to see this through. you’ll just have to let me leave it at that. there’s so much bureaucracy in getting all this accomplished, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult… in a nutshell, we could be denied.

our hearts are heavy today. i don’t know how to handle it if they do not come home. i really don’t. it’s DIFFICULT to even type this all, much less re-read it. my stomach hurts just thinking about it NOT happening.

will you PLEASE join us in praying…seriously praying…asking God to do what seems impossible. for the sake of two beautiful children who already live in our hearts. we’re talking moving mountains sort of stuff… please mention this in your communities, your small groups, your family, etc. (please don’t blog about names of our kids, though…we had to remove all that a while back).

thank you, friends.


32 responses to “Adoption is hard.

  1. I am so sorry….I will be praying…

  2. I was sooooooooo there two months ago. But, praise God I have made through the valley of little faith. I didn’t realize how small my faith was until I started this process. I’m known to be a rock normally and through this process I have big the biggest cry baby and ye of little faith. Today I’m standing in faith and I’m hungry for the WORD. I wake up reading the bible I go to sleep studying. I’m studying with my kids and I AM restored. I am faithful that He has begun a good work in my adoption will finish it. I am claiming EVERY scripture that says God is for the Widow and Orphan. My friend pulled me from my pit one day when she said, “Emma, Pharoah did not want to let the people go, BUT he did because God intervened and FINALLY he let the slaves go. Even when Pharoah changed his heart and went after the slaves God did NOT let him prevail.” GOD LET ME CHILDREN GO FROM HAITI, be a covering for my children by day and night and lead them to the Promise land. I know He will do it. I will believe he will do it until the day the come home. Thanks for the great blogs! Emma
    please forward this to your friend who wrote you for encouragement

  3. brightasafeather

    Wow. Just prayed HARD for your family. And I’ll continue. Also, I posted on my blog about what a difference you and Aaron’s blogs have made in my heart and life, all through blogging. wow… Thank you for sharing it all with the world. I hope it’s okay that I did that…just wanted to rally up more prayer and support for you guys! And watch the fire spread, igniting desires to change this world (as cheesy as that sentence sounds…it’s true!)

  4. oops… I’m sorry for the type-o’s and grammar. I guess I should have previewed it before I hit submit. sorry

  5. Praying for you guys.

  6. as I said over on your husband’s … praying BIG prayers 🙂

  7. Praying for you guys…

  8. haitirescuecenter

    Jamie–We are praying with you here in Haiti. I wish I was there to give you a big hug. I pray that God gives you peace in your heart and mind today. We must pray and BELIEVE that everything is going to work out.

  9. standing next to you in the valley…praying…believing God for the impossible.

  10. Jamie, My heart sank reading Aaron’s words and yet I believe – and know you believe – that God is bigger than any bureaucracy … May He encourage you and lift you up today, and keep your children safely in His arms!

  11. Adoption is hard… I am praying with you that God moves in a big way. I also pray for you and Aaron for peace that passes all understanding as you go through this most difficult waiting period.

    Kim P.

  12. I loved what Aaron said, “getting punched in the face is easy!” I’m right there with you… scared out of my mind and falling on my knees before the Savior. I cling to the thought that God has called us here, to these children, at this specific time. What He calls us to do, He will most assuredly equip us with all that we need to do it. Adoption is a physical representation of what Jesus did for us on the cross. And while the ending is glorious, there is no way around the suffering that leads up to it. So all of us adopting, and especially from Haiti, suffer with you as we bear this cross that God has called us to. And we will wait with expectant hearts for the day when He will turn our tears of sorrow into tears of joy and our suffering into triumph. I will believe with you and pray daily for you until the day that your sweet kids are home with you… right where they belong!

  13. i love you and i’m believing God to move this mountain. he has moved mountains for my family & i KNOW He will do the same for yours. i love you guys & am praying for you. you’re heavy on my heart!

  14. Oh Jamie, I’m praying! Just reading your blog gives me a ill feeling too!

  15. You two are in my prayers and thoughts right now! I believe that our gracious Father is involved in every part of this adoption and His compassion for these babies is great. I believe that He will bring them home in His timing. We can’t understand why things happen the way they do, but we can trust in all situations, knowing that His way will bring the most people to Himself. I love you all and am praying and trusting.

  16. Hi Jamie,

    I will pray.


  17. There are no words. Praying.

  18. jamie, i’m praying. i’ll keep praying until they come home.

    Lord, we believe you can move mountains, help our unbelief…

  19. Oh man. I am so sorry to hear this. I guess God is setting the stage to show off in a big way. I will be praying for y’all.

  20. theinnermostbox

    I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling through this kind of all-too-familiar-to-me adoption round-and-round. We too have had moments in our adoption process where we truly doubted if it would ever happen. We still aren’t there yet. She still isn’t “ours” yet (at least as far as her country’s government is concerned), and we still sometimes doubt if it will ever happen for us. However, in the moments when we struggle and find ourselves feeling fearful, it has been SO, SO good to rest on the promises of God, the encouragements and strength that we had at the very outset of our adoption. We’ve received LOTS of encouragements from scriptures that people have sent to us. Some of my favorites have been Psalm 37 and Psalm 34:4-18 and Isaiah 30:18, “yet the Lord Longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all those who wait for HIM!” And if you are a someone who finds lots of encouragement from a good song (I know I do – I sing them over and over like an anthem, as a prayer, as affirmation) this one by Bebo Norman, among many others, has been GREAT for me. (I have no idea who did the video, but the song is great – especially the part about moving mountains). Praying for you and your family!

  21. praying for you & your beautiful family. just this last sunday God moved a huge mountain out of a friend’s life of mine that we all knew God could only move. He IS a mountain moving God. I pray that this is a time that He is closer to you & your family more than ever before. Keep trusting Him!

  22. We are praying for you guys! We love you!

  23. We’ll be praying too. So sorry you are having to endure this.

  24. Just left a comment on your hubby’s blog too. We just got out of IBESR last week after waiting 15 months and being told we weren’t going to get out. Please don’t panic, whatever this is TOO SHALL PASS.
    PRAYING heavily for your family and your adoption!
    Many Blessings,
    Sarah (from MAT)

  25. aaron and jamie,

    i found your blog through nancy matttingly and have become a regular reader – specifically because i’m drawn to your journey through adoption. my husband and i have talked off and on about adopting, and after i lived in the dominican republic for 2 years, the whole island stole my heart. i visited haiti twice so i feel like i get a lot of what you say about their country, and even the crazy red tape that you have to get through to do anything. i will be praying for mountains to move, and that your home will be filled with peace while god moves them. god bless you.

  26. We are praying for you, everyone of us. My children know your children by name and pray for them regularly! God can do the impossible!

  27. I am praying for ya’ll and will pass on the prayer requests. God laid these 2 on your hearts and put in you a desire to bring them HOME. I will pray that HE finish the process and bring your kids home to YOU!!

  28. ryan & i will be praying for you guys!!!

  29. Praying for you guys.

  30. I’m so sorry. I wish you guys could be together during this. Praying…

  31. God,
    I pray tonight for the Ivey family and pray that you may grant them the peace they so desperately seek. I pray you will comfort them on this night and all the others to come before they see their family united. I pray for them and all those involved in this difficult process of bringing their next two children into their loving arms. God bless them.

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