li kapab fe tout bagay pou no

HE can do all things for us

thanks Troy.  🙂

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  1. Glad to hear that you were so well encouraged today! It occurred to me, when I left my earlier comment (not to mention others that I’ve left) that I may have come across as some blog-stalker-type (and I do confess to lurking on other people’s blogs every now and then). I mean, I don’t know that I have ever “introduced” myself. (Does one really introduce oneself on a blog comment? I don’t know. I am completely unfamiliar with blog etiquette). I also realized that there were no links to my blog and since I tend to be a bit daft with these comment thingies I am sure that I have been linkless for some time now. I’ve fixed that now and have hopefully made myself a little less anonymous.

    Again, so glad to hear about your encouragement and your resolve!

  2. i just read the adoption news….so this is the fire….we are all here to help you walk through it but jesus will lead you through….my heart aches for you and aaron and all your babies……i still believe you will bring them home….it is just a matter of our time waiting on god’s time…..


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